Dold beats Schneider in 2014 Congressional Election

Republican candidate Robert Dold won a close victory against Democrat Brad Schneider in the 10th District election Tuesday evening.

Dold obtained 52 percent of votes in comparison to Schneider who lost with 48 percent.

More than 150 Robert Dold supporters gathered in Austin Saloon in Libertyville to celebrate the turnout.

Around 7 p.m., poll results indicated that Dold was down 40 percent, while Schneider was up 45 percent in Lake County. However, as the evening unfolded, Dold supporters sensed a possible victory as his numbers rose to 50 percent, while Schneider was down to 48 percent.

In 2012, Dold lost to Schneider with leads by about 1,500 out of more than 252,000 cast. However this year, Dold claims his campaign tactics were different, stating that his supporters knocked on over 130,000 doors.

“Together we can get our economy roaring again,” Dold said. “Together we can get our country back on track…Let’s get back to work.”