St Vincent’s DeJamz


A two part DEJAMZ since there are so many good break up songs. The first week is focused primarily on the female rage after breakup. This includes some of my favorite Black artists for the last day of Black History Month. Female rage is usually considered a negative thing, but I want to display the importance of anger for women and the release it brings after a breakup.

I hate u -SZA

One of my favorite artists in general but SZA embodies female rage. While there so many of her songs to pick from, her most recent single felt that it fit perfectly with DeJamz. “If you wonder if I hate you, I do.” never sounded better.

Ain’t shit – Doja Cat.

This was an obvious pick for multiple reasons but specifically because of the chorus everyone shouts. “That’s not cheating if I wasn’t with your ass.” A guilty pleasure of mine even when completely single and have no reason to say it.

Truth hurts – Lizzo

This was on repeat my freshman year when it came out. There wasn’t a single college girl that didn’t have the whole song memorized and for good reason. Even to this day I think it’s one of Lizzo’s best songs. “I just took a DNA test turns out I’m 100 percent that Bitch.”

Independent women pt. 1 – Destiny’s Child

The classic of all the classic empowering women songs. Destiny’s child created the anthem of the century about not needing any man. I remember my older sister always blasting this in the car and I’m sure this song shaped me to who I am today.

Lost ones – Ms. Lauryn Hill.

While not exactly about breakups, this song I feel is a strong example of female rage and the importance of knowing your worth no matter who you are with. Lauryn Hill really broke the world with this song and even as a 90’s throwback this song still holds against new breakup jams.