Going retro: Lizzo comes through with a disco-inspired banger



American singer and songwriter Lizzo preforms on stage. Her latest single titled “About Damn Time” was released on April 14 and currently stands places 50 on Billboard Music Awards hot 100 song list.

Lizzo released her latest single, “About Damn Time,” on April 14 and it did not disappoint. The new song will be on Lizzo’s upcoming album, “Special,” which is slated for release on July 15.

“About Damn Time” features uplifting affirmations after a stressful period in her life. During the bridge, Lizzo proudly sings “Oh, I’ve been so down and under pressure // I’m way too fine to be this stressed, yeah.” This part of the song features a common theme in Lizzo’s music: confidence.

During the last part of the song, where she repeatedly sings “I’m coming out tonight,” her infamous flute-playing made an appearance. According to her 2019 interview with CBS News, Lizzo began playing the flute in elementary school. She remembers being obsessed with becoming good and she even dreamed of attending the Paris Conservatory after her time in college.

Even though she had stopped playing the flute for some time, she eventually picked it back up and integrated it into her music. Dubbed Sasha Flute, a nod to Beyoncé’s album “I Am…Sasha Fierce,” it has its own Instagram account with 310 thousand followers.

Another instrumental aspect of “About Damn Time,” would be the strong presence of the bass, piano and drums. The combination serves as a reminder of the disco era of the 70s. The second verse starts off with just the bass and drums and the piano joins in to emphasize the words Lizzo is singing. During the chorus, when Lizzo sings “it’s about damn time,” the piano plays in sync with the words.

The accompanying music video matches the song perfectly. It begins with Lizzo in a “Stressed & Sexy” support group; the group leader had asked everyone to recite a poem they made that compared something that stressed them out to something that made them feel sexy. Of course, Lizzo was called on first to share her poem and the music video ensued.

Throughout the video, we see Lizzo dancing throughout the halls of a building and singing what we can assume is the poem she wrote for the support group session. She started out wearing a gray sweat suit and she ended in this purple and sparkly one piece. During the first chorus, we see the hallways turned into a bright and colorful dance floor, with alternating neon tiles. It’s clearly reminiscent of the dance floors of the disco-era in the 70s.

Lizzo has been a champion for confidence and self-love for her whole career. Just like much of her discography, “About Damn Time” serves as another commercial-ready hit from Lizzo that centers around healing and finally coming out of an episode of stress. If her upcoming album is anything like “About Damn Time,” it shouldn’t disappoint either.