Back to Basics: Finding Style in a Sea of Changing Trends


Quentin Blais

Catarina Calicdan showcases her personal style in St. Vincent’s Circle in LPC.

As the seasons change, DePaul students are leaning into the back of the closet to their fall fashion favorites. The trends that come with the seasons echo the ever-increasing pace that modern trends change.

Style is a large part of how people can express themselves. People choose clothes as a way to express their personalities. In the world of clothing and fashion, there are trends that determine what styles of clothing are popular in the mainstream. The rise of technology and social media can create more exposure for these trends. 

Sophia Klevit, DePaul junior, commented on the trends she thought were coming back this fall. 

“​​I think a lot more sheer material in streetwear and continuing to see low rise pants over high waisted,” Klevit said. 

For Klevit, fashion is an important tool of expression because it is a reflection of one’s personality, nobody’s fashion is exactly the same. Fashion can mean something different to different people.

“I love that everyone has a completely different outlook on fashion,” Klevit said.

Corinna Carlotti, DePaul junior, thought that the next trend would be casual workwear.

“A blazer can amplify a look to the next level while being gender neutral… it’s genius and it’s classy,” Carlotti said. 

For Catarina Calicdan, DePaul junior, a simple leather jacket is the trend this fall. 

“I think those are always going to be iconic to fall,” Calicdan said.

Trends are also on their way out. For Calicdan, it is the suede mini skirt. For Carlotti, it is the corset. 

The internet and social media’s role within inspiring trends and fast fashion cannot be overlooked. Klevit explained how social media creates a lens into any and every fashion trend.

“We can see a little too easily what people are wearing and what everyone thinks of it,” Klevit said. 

These trends could affect how people create their own personal style. With a focus on trends and what is popular, people may be less likely to work on curating timeless pieces for their wardrobe. Fast fashion can also affect trends, with quick turnover of pieces and more cheaply made clothing. According to the California Public Interest Research Group, 85% of clothes in the U.S. end up in landfills or burned.

“Because we have online shopping it’s so much easier to fall into that, and in a way we lose some of that individual style and really curated pieces,” Calicdan said.  

A way to combat fast changes in popular style is to create a personal style outside of the pattern of trends. One of the best ways to create a personal style is to start with the basics. Having well-made basic pieces helps create a solid base to add statement pieces on top of.

“I think it’s important for people to find what speaks to them and learn that it’s really okay to pull basic pieces from a trend and wear it after the trend is over,” Calicdan said. “It makes it more individual to you instead of just following the crowd.” 

Finding basics helps ground a personal style and create something unique to a person’s taste. For Carlotti, it reflects the nature of fashion.

“Fashion is everything and it’s nothing,” Carlotti said. “It’s a blank canvas that allows you to do as much or as little as you please. There is no inherent right or wrong.”

In response to rapidly changing trends, steering away from fast fashion websites is helpful. Smaller stores sell more sustainably made pieces that can last longer than clothing pieces from larger stores. Thrift stores are also a way to find personal style. These stores do not sell new pieces, but instead sell curated or donated clothing. 

Some pieces are timeless. For Carlotti, it is a turtleneck. Especially for fall, Carlotti says a turtleneck accentuates the neck, and is a great way to be fashionable and warm. For Calicdan, the timeless trend is the little black dress. She described them as having a timeless look and a piece that can be styled many ways. Klevit says her favorite timeless piece is the leather jacket. 

Trends dominate fashion, but the core is self-expression.

“I love that fashion has no standard,” Carlotti said, “No one can tell you no in fashion.”