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Sasha Colby Perfomring for RuPaul’s Drag Race

There are no surprises about the third episode of season 15. As soon as I found out that the maxi challenge would be a comedy skit in groups, it was sink or swim for these queens. Each one would have to act their heart out to stay safe while delivering an exquisite runway look. At the end of the episode, I was satisfied with this week’s winner and loser.

RuPaul asked each group to come up with an infomercial for the afterlife, specifically for drag queens. Group one, led by Anetra, had superstar Sasha Colby playing “God” and each time she would change scenes, she’d pretend to snap her neck. Colby looked beautiful and played the part elegantly. However, I felt so bad that her group put her legacy to the test which caused some missed cues during rehearsal. The other queens in her group did fine, but Colby stood out the most. 

Group two was led by Amethyst, who was in the bottom two last week. Their take on the afterlife was a place filled with sexual innuendos. I personally was waiting to laugh. Loosey LaDuca, who was second to last in the premiere, played “God,” who was actually Dolly Parton. The judges spared some pity chuckles at the end. 

Group three or “the leftovers” had the funniest take about drag queen hell. Instead of a paradise, drag queens were subjected to an annoying white girl who was just too obsessed with drag queens. Sugar, who portrayed an irritating character, really gave the skit the overarching humor. The over-use of gay lingo and the reactions were hilarious. I have no idea why the other two groups weren’t grabbing for Sugar and Mistress Isabelle Brooks! 

This week’s runway theme was “show us your metal.” Just like last week, everything that needed to be said has been said. Colby distinguished herself as the winner the moment she came out with her metallica silver phoenix look. Her outfit was glamorous and sophisticated, much like the premiere. Colby’s makeup also matched perfectly with the red lip and dark eyes. Lux Noir London’s gold dress was so gorgeous and matched perfectly with the tall black wig. As much as I thought LaDuca’s look was worthy, Sugar and Spice killed it with their outer space twist. Spice’s metallic teal “My Life as a Teenage Robot” and Sugar’s pink outer space superstar should have received third and fourth. They were so unique compared to everyone else’s interpretation. This is my bid for them making it to the top ten at least. 

Now, the misses went hard this week. Salina Estitties’s camp “lamp post” costume was so out of place. In fact, the signs all over her dress made no sense. Where have you ever seen a lamp post have signs on it? Estitties constantly wears a wig on the runway and even with the actual lamp part on her head, I couldn’t tell what she was until her confessional. Critiquing a fellow Latina truly hurts, but I’m surprised this look did not land her at the bottom. Jax’s take was camo and gray, not silver. I love Jax so much and I felt myself wondering what she was doing with all the camo on stage. Finally, Princess Poppy gave us nothing. No literally, her corset dress was barely anything. I am so shocked about the minimal effort Poppy gave into this. Her sparkly dark blue wig was beautiful but my jaw dropped when she revealed herself. How did she think that was a good idea? 

It ultimately led to Poppy and group two leader Amethyst losing the challenges. While Amethyst’s Beyonce-esque runway look was beautiful, the failure to lead her group to victory put her back in the bottom two again. RuPaul asked the queens to perform “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by his idol Diana Ross. Amethyst had a slight advantage that her dress was perfect to imitate Ross. As a self proclaimed comedy queen, I held my breath hoping Amethyst did not try anything too outlandish. I was surprised to see her tone it down a little and deliver an adequate performance. Poppy gave me no impression about her personality or drag so it was a toss up. However, Poppy was doing all these crazy moves like crab walking and interacting with the other queens. It was quite cringe, especially when they panned to the confessional where Poppy said, “I’m showing the judges exactly who Princess Poppy is!”

Poppy sashayed away at the end of the episode, and for good reason. Judging by the sneak peek, the queens will be tested again on their comedy skills. Let’s just hope we see some effort all around.