Unorthodox ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Few days are as repetitive as Valentine’s Day. From grocery store cards to overpriced chocolate and flowers that aren’t even in season, it’s easy to become disenchanted with Valentine’s gimmicky feel. Looking for more? Whether single or in a relationship, I’m here to tell you that your perfect Valentine’s Day celebration doesn’t have to reside on the beaten path. Here are eight unconventional ways to make your Valentine’s Day more than another hole in your wallet.

Look to the future 

Are you feeling uncertain about your partner or life in general? Why not check out a local psychic or get back-to-back readings for you and your significant others? Maybe it will alleviate your worries or give you a set of new ones. Either way, your Valentine’s Day will be anything but uneventful. 

Host a themed dinner party

Want more than just another night in? From murder mystery to Soupapalooza, your dinner shouldn’t be limited to another overpriced restaurant. Themed dinner parties can be a great way to celebrate your friendships or reinvigorate a traditional date night. No matter your theme, you’re guaranteed a memorable night.

Ax Throwing 

Broke up just before Valentine’s Day? Ghosted by your situationship? No matter your circumstances, ax throwing is a great way to release all suppressed emotions and make some fun — or horrific, depending on your aim — memories. With a handful of locations spread throughout the city, chances are you can find an ax-throwing establishment near you.

Get a Tattoo

While I don’t recommend getting your partner’s initials tattooed, the experience of getting inked up together can be a bonding moment and a glimpse into each other’s creative side. Even if you’re single, getting a tattoo with friends or alone can be a great experience and a fun way to symbolize what you love. 

Take a rain check 

Are you not wanting to sit inside a jam-packed restaurant or pay $20 for a six ounce bag of chocolate? Good news, all you’ve got to do is reschedule for Feb. 15. If holidays mean little, or you and your partner aren’t up for anything after a full day of work, then taking a raincheck is the perfect option to save money and prevent any stress or exhaustion from ruining your Valentine’s Day.

Attend a Wine Tasting 

With over 16 wineries spread throughout the city, attending a wine tasting is the perfect way to get into the Valentine’s Day mood without breaking the budget on alcohol. Not in a relationship? Wine tasting with friends is equally fun. Remember to swirl your glass exaggeratedly and comment on the wine’s fruity or oaky notes. 

Palentine’s Day

You can never go wrong with palentine’s day. Whether single or in a long-distance relationship, a day spent with your closest friends is never a day wasted. From brunch to a dinner reservation, Valentine’s Day can be just as memorable, if not more, with friends than with a partner.

Summon the dead 

I bet you thought I wouldn’t add a weird option, huh? Speaking from experience, using an Ouija board can be a fun bonding experience, even if you are both purposefully moving the planchette. The last time I used an Ouija board with my ex, we both cried, so do what you will with that information!