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Opinion: There will never be a best anime of all time

Yù Yù Blue

Many people around the world love anime. The animated series include fun shows, such as Japan’s “Jujutsu Kaisen” and “Dragon Ball Z.” But with the popularity of the genre also comes debate about which series is the best.

Some of the most common debates involve fans comparing the worlds, characters and stories to determine which anime is the best. Much of the debate is on social media. But is there truly a need to figure out which anime is better than another? I don’t think so.

Each series is unique and often has its own style. Sometimes people just love a series for the fight choreography or the soundtrack. But while people love an anime for the soundtrack others can hate it because of the soundtrack or other reasons. If there was a truly best anime, then it would be unanimously loved. 

Most Japanese anime comes from Tokyo-based comic companies such as Shueisha and Kodansha. These stories are popular worldwide and are treasured for generations. They are known for their unique animation and incredible fight scenes between characters. Some stories are more for a teen audience, but a lot of anime has a more mature storyline than the average animated show. Many of the animated series here are mainly for kids or just for adults.

Some anime fans want to be like their favorite characters. Jeremiah Hoskins, a senior at Lincoln University, said he works out because he is inspired by the anime he watches.

“My personal favorite anime of all time will always be ‘Dragon Ball Z,’” Hoskins said. “But overall, I don’t think there can ever be a top anime. There will always be another one that comes out and tops that one.”

“Dragon Ball Z” is one of the most popular series in anime and became one of the first shows to gain worldwide appeal in the 1990s. After premiering on Cartoon Network’s late-night “Toonami” block, anime began to boom here in the West.

It has inspired other series like “Bleach,” “Naruto” and “One Piece,” otherwise known as the “big three.”

But each show in the big three has something that differentiates it from the other two. With “Naruto,” I enjoy the fighting choreography. With “Bleach,” I love the author’s artstyle and the outfits that he designs for his characters. Finally, “One Piece” has a rich story and a vibrant world for its characters.

My favorite anime is a show that isn’t even in the big three. It’s just a great underdog boxing story called “Megalobox.” Although it is my favorite anime, it doesn’t mean it’s the best or the only one I enjoy.

Luke Anderson, a DePaul sophomore majoring in Japanese Studies, sees a difference between “having a favorite and recognizing something as best.” He said having a favorite show or character is certainly possible.

“[But] there are so many different genres, there’s such a scale of things,” Anderson said. “I think choosing and picking one thing that embodies anime as a whole and is the best is impossible.”

I agree with Anderson’s perspective. Stories stick with you. I was at a low point when the second season of “Megalobox” came out. Today, I love that second season the most for lifting me up and getting me out of that rut. There will always be something special in each series that resonates with people’s lives. But there truly can never be one anime that is the best of all time.

Each season, new anime shows come out that grab fans’ attention. They have either read the original story in the comics or are fans of the animation studios that have adapted the story.

I never got into anime until my junior year of high school. I watched “Erased” and “My Hero Academia” when it just started in 2016. I enjoyed both of those series and began to understand how anime could convey a story from a comic book in a new way. One was a short drama series and the other, a superhero anime. Both series ignited a love for the genre for me, and I still look forward to new anime. 

Although the shows are made for entertainment, I do get a bit of joy seeing the debates. But while there will still be debates to come, no one will ever truly win.

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