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What I miss the most: going to the movies

Music Box Theatre will show popular Christmas movies, as well as singalong versions, to help Chicagoans get in the holiday mood. (Courtesy of Music Box Theatre)

Abby Yimer, Contributing Writer

May 21, 2020

“Please post, talk, and text after the show. Don’t ruin the movie.” I can hear that message echoing through the theater but don’t remember the last time that I was seated, popcorn in hand, getting ready to “enjoy the show.” With COVID-19 taking over many aspects of the routines we ...

The plight of VSCO Girls

The plight of VSCO Girls

Emma Oxnevad, Opinions Editor

September 30, 2019

Living in the digital age, trends come to life — and die just as quickly — right before our eyes on social media. If you’ve spent any time online in the last month or so—particularly on TikTok— you may have noticed a new Generation Z subculture emerging to the forefront called “VSCO Girls...

Letter to the editor: “An appeal to logic and reason”

Letter to the editor:

Brendan Newell, Member of the DePaul College Republicans

March 5, 2018

Editor's note: This piece is written by a member of the College Republicans in response to The DePaulia's representation of his comments at a debate between the College Republicans and DePaul Socialists. The article he is referring to was our front page story "The Great Debate" by the Editor-In-Chief A...

Letter to the Editor: University must uphold St. Vincent de Paul legacy

(DePaulia File)

Thomas Patrick Hughes, Contributing Writer

January 16, 2018

Dear Mr. President Esteban and Dean Caltabiano, My name is Thomas Patrick Hughes and I am a graduate of the School of Music class of 2017. As an alumni of DePaul University, there have been things that I’ve taken with me since departing: my education, my passion to my craft and my strong unwaveri...

North Korea: In “the Land of Bad Options,” one option has yet to be explored

<center><i>Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea and leader of Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Kim Jong Un inspects the landing and anti-landing drills of the Korean People's Army Large Combined Units 324 and 287 and Navy Combined Unit 597 at a private location on one of North Korea's coasts. (Getty Images/AFP)</center></i>

Benjamin Conboy

July 26, 2017

North Korea has been called “the land of bad options.” It has been a long-held belief of the United States government that we have only three options to rein in the country’s nuclear initiatives: impose sanctions with the intention of depriving them of the resources necessary to function as a nat...

No true winners in Patrick Kane investigation

No true winners in Patrick Kane investigation

Fabio De Simone

October 4, 2015

In early August, police began investigating an alleged rape in the home of Chicago Blackhawks superstar Patrick Kane in Hamburg, N.Y. Since then, the case has experienced a legal rollercoaster as evidence emerged suggesting that the accusation was false due to a lack of Patrick Kane’s DNA on the accuser’s lower body. Read More »...

DePaul SGA and the problem with secret ballots

DePaul SGA and the problem with secret ballots

Brendan Pedersen

October 4, 2015

DePaul’s Student Government Association (SGA) convened Thursday night and faced a packed gallery of student spectators, sitting in firm protest. Read More »...

‘Feel the Bern’: Why Bernie Sanders is the ideal candidate for millennials

In this July 6, 2015, photo, supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., cheer at a campaign rally in Portland, Maine. Sanders is packing 'em in: 10,000 people in Madison, Wisconsin. More than 2,500 in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Another 7,500 this week in Portland. The trick for the independent senator from Vermont is to turn all that excitement into something more than a summer fling.(AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty)

Danielle Harris

July 18, 2015

Government Involvement Study | Create infographics Millennials are a highly coveted group among candidates in the 2016 presidential race. The generation is certainly an influential one, as 18- to 29-year-olds account for 23 percent of the U.S. population. Read More »...

Tackling the issue: time to clear the animosity and ignorance

Tackling the issue: time to clear the animosity and ignorance

Zoe Krey

September 29, 2014

We know the statistics, we know the rumors, we know the rhetoric, but do we recognize the misconceptions? Read More »...

Do trendy Facebook challenges weaken “awareness”?

Do trendy Facebook challenges weaken “awareness”?

Emily Becker

August 21, 2014

Facebook and other social media outlets have recently been buzzing with the new “Ice Bucket Challenge” that is intended to raise awareness for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, or ALS for short. Read More »...

No more discrimination against the press in Ferguson

In this Aug, 16, 2014 file photo, Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson walks among people protesting the police shooting death of Michael Brown a week ago in Ferguson, Mo.  (AP Exchange)

Brenden Moore

August 20, 2014

“Let’s not glamorize the acts of criminals.” Those were the words of Captain Ron Johnson of the Missouri State Police early Tuesday morning during a press conference discussing the night’s events in Ferguson. Johnson, of course, is referencing the role of the media in the situation that has unfolded in the ...

Fragmented Ferguson, Missouri in the name of Michael Brown

Fragmented Ferguson, Missouri in the name of Michael Brown

Zoe Krey

August 18, 2014

As the Michael Brown controversy continues to garner extensive coverage in major media outlets, the town of Ferguson, Missouri will surely never be the same. 18-year-old Brown was shot and killed by police officer, Darren Wilson, after a physical altercation, according to St. Louis County Police Chief Joe Belm...

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