Don’t count out the Bears just yet

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On Thursday Night Football, the Chicago Bears embarrassed themselves.

Normally a 23-10 loss to the Packers would be bad enough. However, quarterback Jay Cutler was awful. After proclaiming earlier in the week that the Packers’ cornerbacks couldn’t cover the Bears receivers, Cutler threw a mind-numbing four interceptions.  The offensive line was also garbage, letting up seven sacks.

Even with the loss, now is not the time to panic.

It takes time for new pieces to jell in an offense. Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler have already shown flashes of magic that made them a force in Denver, but they need time to come together again. Marshall won’t always be limited to two catches and 24 yards like he was in Green Bay.

Together in Denver, Cutler and Marshall hooked up for 14 touchdowns and 2877 yards over the course of three seasons. This was mostly before either player entered the prime of their careers.  When they were together for a third season in 2008, the Broncos led the league in offense.

For the Cutler-Marshall tandem to be successful in Chicago, the offensive line has to tighten up. It is unforgivable for a team to give up seven sacks in one game. Since Cutler joined the Bears in 2009, the offensive line has allowed 149 sacks. 

It’s no wonder why Cutler is so frustrated.  Throughout Thursday’s game, Cutler was seen screaming at his teammates.

“I care about this. This isn’t just a hobby for me. I’m not doing this for my health,” Cutler said postgame when questioned about his yelling. “I’m trying to win football games.”

Some may question Cutler’s attitude, but the team needs to move on. There’s no need to panic. Cutler is infamous for his amount of bad games – last year, however, the Bears were 7-3 before Cutler was injured. With the added offensive weapons, this team has the chance to be successful.

If there is any true area of concern, it is Matt Forte’s injury. The star running back twisted his ankle in the third quarter and did not return. According to reports, Forte’s injury is a high ankle sprain that could sideline him for a few weeks.

In the absence of Forte, Michael Bush will have to step up big time. Bush was brought in for insurance in case Forte went down again.  It helps that the big bruising back has experience filling in for the often injured Darren McFadden, but Forte might be the best player on the Bears.

Still, the course of an NFL season is a long journey. Teams will have their ups and downs. For the Chicago Bears, Cutler had his downs against the Packers.  There are a lot of questions that the Bears have to answer, but there’s no need to disregard the Bears.

At least, not right now.