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Nadia Carolina Hernandez, Editor-in-Chief, Lilly Keller, Print Managing Editor and Samantha Moilanen, Online Managing Editor, posing for a photo in front of The DePaulia bureau, in Chicago, holding a few of awards The DePaulia won on Saturday, Feb. 17, 2024.

The DePaulia took home 32 awards at the Illinois College Press Conference

The DePaulia Staff February 17, 2024

The DePaulia took home 32 awards at the Illinois College Press Association awards on Saturday, Feb. 17. The contest recognized work published between Fall 2022 and Fall 2023. Here is everything The DePaulia...

Letter From the Editor: 4 Years of La DePaulia and New Editorial Board

Letter From the Editor: 4 Years of La DePaulia and New Editorial Board

 Jacqueline Cardenas, La DePaulia editor-in-chief January 15, 2024

La DePaulia has never been just a student-run publication to me. It was a space where I could make mistakes, laugh and grow alongside student journalists who became my community. I became editor-in-chief...

The DePaulia staff for the 2023-2024 school year is hard at work on the first issue of the year, Sunday, Sept. 10 in its Loop concourse office.

Letter from the editor: A fresh start for The DePaulia

Nadia Carolina Hernandez, Editor-In-Chief September 10, 2023

What’s up, DePaul!  We are glad to be back on campus again. If you picked up this paper and got this far, you may have noticed some changes from us.  The DePaulia was pretty quiet over the summer,...

Letter from the Editors: Latine is not a misspelling

Letter from the Editors: ‘Latine’ is not a misspelling

Latino, Latina, Hispanic, Latinx, Latina/o, Latin@, Latin, Latine… There are many words used to refer to our community. Amid so much controversy and confusion, as publications that write in Spanish and...

The ground floor of the John T. Richardson Library located in DePauls Lincoln Park campus.

EDITORIAL: Library access is a resource we can’t afford to lose

DePaulia Editorial Board February 12, 2023

DePaul students must take action and demand the return of 24/7 finals study hours in response to the announcement that the John T. Richardson Library in Lincoln Park is discontinuing its extended hours...

Laura Rodriguez Presa speaks at the NAHJ reception in September 2022. At the end of the month, Rodriguez Presa will begin teaching a bilingual reporting course at DePaul University.

The education of Latine journalists must be sustained: New bilingual reporting course offers a step towards inclusivity

When Laura Rodriguez Presa was an undergraduate journalism student at DePaul, she had no bilingual professors teaching courses centered around reporting on Latine communities.  “It seemed like there...

La DePaulia 2022-2023 team. From left to right Santiago Gonzalez Tijerina, Santiago Posada-Jaramillo, Andrea Juárez Hernández, Jacqueline Cardenas, Cary Robbins, and Frankie Perez.

Letter from the editor: 3 Years of La DePaulia

Jacqueline Cardenas, La DePaulia Editor-In-Chief January 8, 2023

Experiencing La DePaulia’s three-year anniversary feels nostalgic. I have not been a part of the publication for her entirety, yet I have felt connected to the mission from the beginning. I was introduced...

President Esteban speaking at 2019s State of the University address.

EDITORIAL: As President Esteban is departing, DePaul needs stronger leadership

DePaulia Editorial Staff April 25, 2022

The clock is ticking. Time is winding down. In two months, A. Gabriel Esteban will officially step down from his position as DePaul’s president after serving in this role for five years. With Esteban’s...

María Marta Guzmán, co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of La DePaulia, trains new editorial staff.

Letter from the editor: Introducing La DePaulia’s 2022-2023 Editors

María Marta Guzmán, La DePaulia Editor-in-Chief April 17, 2022

Lea la versión en español aquí. When my peers and I launched La DePaulia in January of 2020, we never envisioned the paper as a “temporary” publication — instead, we saw a long-term newsroom...

An empty classroom set aside for socially distanced learning at DePauls Loop campus.

Some graduates will never be in a classroom again. Others made sure they will.

Rebecca Meluch, News Editor June 7, 2021

Remember that scene in Twilight when Bella meets Edward’s family for the first time? He gives her a house tour and she sees the wall of graduation caps? I want that to be me –– minus the whole repeating...

The statue of John J. Egan, located outside of the Lincoln Park Student Center, wearing a mask.

EDITORIAL: Why we reported on the Greek life party — and named names

The DePaulia Management Staff March 15, 2021

The purpose of journalism is to hold those in power to account, especially when the actions in question potentially put others at risk. That was the guiding force behind The DePaulia’s coverage of a...

Where were you when the world shut down?

Where were you when the world shut down?

DePaulia Staff March 14, 2021
The DePaulia Staff reflects on what they were doing when news of major Covid-19 shutdowns first broke.
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