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President Esteban speaking at 2019s State of the University address.

EDITORIAL: As President Esteban is departing, DePaul needs stronger leadership

DePaulia Editorial Staff April 25, 2022

The clock is ticking. Time is winding down. In two months, A. Gabriel Esteban will officially step down from his position as DePaul’s president after serving in this role for five years. With Esteban’s...

María Marta Guzmán, co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of La DePaulia, trains new editorial staff.

Letter from the editor: Introducing La DePaulia’s 2022-2023 Editors

María Marta Guzmán, La DePaulia Editor-in-Chief April 17, 2022

Lea la versión en español aquí. When my peers and I launched La DePaulia in January of 2020, we never envisioned the paper as a “temporary” publication — instead, we saw a long-term newsroom...

An empty classroom set aside for socially distanced learning at DePauls Loop campus.

Some graduates will never be in a classroom again. Others made sure they will.

Rebecca Meluch, News Editor June 7, 2021

Remember that scene in Twilight when Bella meets Edward’s family for the first time? He gives her a house tour and she sees the wall of graduation caps? I want that to be me –– minus the whole repeating...

The statue of John J. Egan, located outside of the Lincoln Park Student Center, wearing a mask.

EDITORIAL: Why we reported on the Greek life party — and named names

The DePaulia Management Staff March 15, 2021

The purpose of journalism is to hold those in power to account, especially when the actions in question potentially put others at risk. That was the guiding force behind The DePaulia’s coverage of a...

Where were you when the world shut down?

Where were you when the world shut down?

DePaulia Staff March 14, 2021
The DePaulia Staff reflects on what they were doing when news of major Covid-19 shutdowns first broke.
Students walk around a mostly empty campus during the pandemic.

Letter from the Editor: We’re in this together

Lacey Latch, Editor-in-Chief March 14, 2021

When life as we knew it ended last March we had no idea the year that was awaiting us. To say that it was difficult would be a wild understatement. The past year introduced changes and challenges in just...

FROM THE EDITORS: Celebrating the first anniversary of La DePaulia

FROM THE EDITORS: Celebrating the first anniversary of La DePaulia

Hillary Flores, La DePaulia Editor-in-Chief January 13, 2021

2020 was a year of obstacles that will forever go down in history. From the death of the legendary  Kobe Bryant, to the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic that disproportionately impacted communities of color,...

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