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Artista Milton Coronado conmemoró a Marlen Ochoa Lopez, una joven madre asesinada en Chicago, con un mural en Pilsen.

Artistas latinos dejan la marca de su activismo en Chicago

Santiago Posada-Jaramillo, La DePaulia Opinions Editor February 7, 2022

El arte es más humano que incluso la ciencia. Ha sido una constante forma de expresión desde antes de que el lenguaje escrito apareciera; la primera muestra de escritura fue creada hace unos 5,500 años,...

Tendencies” by Joey Miller, sold on Rarible for 2.5ETH.

How NFTs are changing lives

Sofia Leal, Contributing Writer April 11, 2021

In 1959, French artist Yves Klein sold the world’s first NFT, or non-fungible token. Well, not really, but the central idea was there. Klein was an early advocate of immaterial art. He believed a piece...

Un jarrón del siglo 1 (After Century Vase c. 1876), 2019, de Yvette Mayorga. Tubería de acrílico sobre lienzo–Colección del Museo de Arte DePaul, Art Acquisition Endowment Fund, 2020.

Artista mexicana-americana de primera generación muestra el otro lado del sueño americano a través del arte

Miluska Llerena, Staff Writer April 28, 2020

Arte, la manera más cautivante de expresar sentimientos y verdades colectivas e individuales.  De esta manera Yvette Mayorga, una artista mexicana-americana de primera generación,  aprovecha la...

Artista latinx local se convierte en fundadora de una compañía de prensa para la comunidad queer

Artista latinx local se convierte en fundadora de una compañía de prensa para la comunidad queer

Lissi Nuñez, Staff Writer April 13, 2020

Sarah Maritza Hernández, conocida como Sarita, es una educadora de arte, historiadora oral y fundadora de Marimacha Monarca Press. La prensa de Marimacha Monarca es un colectivo de creativos queer...

DePaul Art Museum premieres 3 new exhibits in conjunction with the Chicago Architecture Biennial

Ella Lee, Arts & Life Editor September 16, 2019

Three exhibits — “Julia Fish: bound by spectrum,” ‘Remember Where You Are,” and “Architectural Annotations” — premiered at the DePaul Art Museum (DPAM) Sept. 12., each giving a nod to the...

DePaul sophomore Zoe Knight uses zines to express themselves creatively.
(Katie Adams | The DePaulia)

Zoe Knight exemplifies young artist culture

Katie Adams, Contributing Writer April 2, 2018

As the sun pours through the huge front windows of their third-floor Lincoln Park apartment on a Friday afternoon, Zoe Knight lies stretched on the floor. Their small frame is covered by a baggy thrifted...

Graphic by Ally Zacek

Style for spring and summer

Ross Greer, Staff Writer March 5, 2018

As the weather begins its slow turn to warmth there may finally be a chance to rock that new outfit you've been planning out since it started snowing. Now that both New York City and London’s spring...

Carolyn McCabe | The DePaulia

DPAM puts focus on Chicago

Lacey Latch, Arts & Life Editor January 16, 2018

Art is a reflection of self and, by extension the society in which we live. That was clearer than ever before at the most recent art opening at the DePaul Art Museum on Jan. 11. The event was free and...

DePaul Art Museum exhibit explores AIDS pandemic

DePaul Art Museum exhibit explores AIDS pandemic

Charlene Haparimwi April 10, 2017

The story surrounding HIV/AIDS has new voices leading the conversation. With advances in medicine, the beginning deterioration of the horrific stigma, and the fact that HIV/AIDS is not viewed as a death...

DePaul professor balances advertising and freelance cartooning

DePaul professor balances advertising and freelance cartooning

Rachel Hinton April 3, 2016

When asked how he got his start as a cartoonist, Ken Krimstein, a professor in the College of Communication, started with how, when he was little, he loved to draw. His house, always full of art supplies...

DePaul art professor’s work explores feminist intersectionality

DePaul art professor’s work explores feminist intersectionality

Sam Schwindt November 15, 2015

A fusion of throbbing color, sliced negative space and pulsating vitality, the paintings by Zoe Nelson breathe freely in space, hanging in the atmosphere of the Cleve Carney Art Gallery at the College...

Photos: Renegade Craft Fair

Photos: Renegade Craft Fair

Kaitlyn Roberts September 20, 2015

After a night of raging thunderstorms, Chicagoans from far and wide swarmed to Wicker Park Sept. 19 and 20 to enjoy not only the beautiful sunshine, but the city’s 12th annual Renegade Craft Fair. The...

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