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Chicago’s student-friendly entertainment

MJ White

Chicago is in its prime months of entertainment, offering an eclectic mix of culture, live performances, art and nightlife that beckon young Chicagoans to empty their wallets. Last week, DePaul welcomed students back to campus, and with fall weather slowly creeping in, students are eager to explore the city in search of budget-friendly entertainment.

Rooftop Cinema Club – Fulton Market 

Just a 15-minute drive from DePaul’s Lincoln Park Campus, the Rooftop Cinema Club offers an outdoor experience for movie lovers. Films begin anytime between 11 a.m. and 10:45 p.m., offering all-day opportunities to feel the fall breeze while enjoying classics such as “When Harry Met Sally,” “Coraline,” “Halloween,” “Freaky Friday” and “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Tickets are $10-$20 and include a deluxe lounge chair in the sight line of Chicago’s downtown. 

Once on the disability accessible sixth-floor terrace, you can access a theater-style menu and a full-service cocktail bar for a pre or mid-show snack. 

“Bring a blanket or sweatshirt and maybe earplugs,” moviegoer Anna Sultzman said. “It gets chilly on the terrace and you’ll hear a few sirens from downtown!” 

Bonus Round Game Cafe 

On a chilly or lazy day with friends, visit Bonus Round Game Cafe, located in West Lakeview. This new interactive experience has hit Chicago’s dining scene and has maintained a stellar 4.7/5 rating since opening in 2017. 

Bonus Round Cafe founders said, “Our mission at Bonus Round is to be a welcoming environment for everyone to explore the world of modern board games without fear of judgment for who they are or what their experience level is with board games.” 

After being seated inside the brownstone-style cafe, you can access up to 500 games and a full bar and cafe menu. Bonus Round offers everything from espresso to wine, mocktails and hummus, to grilled cheese and vegan sliders. During the chilly months, Bonus Round also offers an exquisite pumpkin pie dip accompanied by sweet wafers. To mix up your routine, visit this spot as a hangout before entering Chicago’s nightlife!

The Exhibit House – Water Tower Place 

A new interactive art exhibit recently opened in 2023 at Water Tower Place and welcomes all ages for just $30. The multi-aesthetic Exhibit House is perfect for college students interested in content creation, portraits or group photoshoots. 

Included in your ticket is a 60-minute time limit with full access to the exhibit. The experience is disability accessible and allows camera equipment, lighting and flash photography to help capture the perfect shot. 

A disco ballroom starts the experience with dramatic dark wallpaper for the perfect high-contrast picture. Also presented is an enchanting garden room with roses and moss covering the walls. To cap the experience, a room with dramatic red lighting and mirror walls are featured, creating the perfect hour for photo-taking and immersive art appreciation. 

“Stay away from black clothes when you visit,” said on-site content creator Sydney O’Brien, “The flashier and more colorful the better your pictures will turn out.” 

Check out these budget-friendly spots around Chicago to enhance your fall quarter!

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