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OPINION: Catcalls are not compliments

UIC student Ruth George was killed last month after ignoring catcalls.

Rebecca Meluch, Contributing Writer

December 21, 2019

Often when I walk to the train after work or when I walk home at night, I encounter a series of catcalls pertaining to my body, my face and my size. All of which are sexualized, degrading and are — to the best of my abilities — ignored.  Many times I’ve ducked into open stores, restaurants and bars ...

Catcalling and the objectification of women

Catcalling and the objectification of women

Heather Slawny

November 16, 2014

A surprisingly large number of people touted similar reactions to the creator of the YouTube channel Red Pill Philosophy, who recently spoke about a video posted last week, unveiling the seriousness of street harassment, or catcalling, and its prevalence in women’s lives. “I just want to ...

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