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Juuls, teens and taxes

Juuls, teens and taxes

Shane Rene, Managing Editor

March 4, 2019

I enjoy cigarettes, I won’t lie. And I will admit that they have become sufficiently imbedded in my life. As I walk out the door each morning, I pat myself down and go through the checklist: phone, wallet, keys, cigarettes, lighter — the essentials. Every so often people will ask me why I like c...

DePaul up in smoke from failure to enforce cigarette city ordinance

Smoking on DePaul's campuses is very common among students. The city ordinance mandates the areas of smoking. (Matt Rourke | AP)

Noah Levitin

November 9, 2014

It has happened to all of us at one point in our academic careers at DePaul. While trying to enter the SAC, students are often unable to walk to their classes because of cigarette smoke in front of what is supposed to be a fresh air zone. Read More »...

CVS Health smokes safety, clears the air

CVS Health smokes safety, clears the air

Parker Asmann

September 22, 2014

CVS Health locations nationwide have recently pledged to stop selling tobacco products, to send a message to customers and competitors regarding the company’s transformation from a largely retail business to a health care provider. And, frankly, it makes sense. Read More »...

Smoker’s remorse: CVS trades short-term profits in the hopes of long-term rewards

(Maggie Gallagher / The DePaulia)

David Byrnes

September 15, 2014

CVS is now a smoke-free zone. As of Sept. 3, the pharmacy and general store no longer sells tobacco products. This move comes on the heels of several nationwide tobacco tax increases, which especially in Chicago, have made it more expensive for suppliers and customers to buy tobacco products. Read...

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