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Framed by saguaro cactus, the downtown Phoenix skyline is easier to see, Tuesday, April 7, 2020, as fewer motorists in Arizona are driving, following the state stay-at-home order due to the coronavirus, and it appears to be improving the air quality and decreasing the effects vehicle emissions have on the environment.

Experts think environmental upturn from COVID-19 may only be temporary

Kate Santillan, Contributing Writer April 16, 2020

As COVID-19  continues to spread around the globe, more precautions and restrictions are being created to help slow the spread of the virus, forcing many people to abandon their jobs and daily lives to...

Thrift shoppers’ focus shift from economy to environment

Veronica Schoonover, Contributing Writer September 23, 2019

Once used solely to save money, thrifting has since become focused on sustainability — and maintaining a vintage aesthetic. As vintage clothing rises as a trend, stores are able to “sell”the aesthetic...

Ignorance can’t be bliss

Mackenzie Murtaugh, Opinions Editor October 22, 2018

After the UN's report that the Earth will greatly suffer from the devastating effects of climate change if action isn't taken on the gubernatorial level, people want to push the blame onto something other...

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One step backward

New environmental policy will have real effects
Evan Sully, Contributing Writer January 16, 2018

The outlook of this country’s involvement in environmental policy in 2018 seems very bleak. In 2017, environmental policies took a step backward on past progress that shaped policies protecting the environment...

Offshore wind farms and the future of renewable energy

Offshore wind farms and the future of renewable energy

Adriana Kemper October 3, 2016

Offshore wind farms have the potential to blow other sources of energy out of the water. Despite the fact that the Department of Energy estimates that the United States has an offshore wind capacity...

Quick Trip clerk Roxana Valverde adjusts the gas price sign numbers at a QT convenient store in Tolleson, Arizona. Gas prices continue to tumble nationwide. (Ross D. Franklin | AP)

The true cost of cheap oil

Kate Kownacki January 9, 2015

Decline in gas prices excites consumers, but environmental concerns should be considered Starting Dec. 31, 2014 gas prices were in decline for 96 days. While this may seem wonderful for the average...

Rising temperatures, global concerns

Rising temperatures, global concerns

Kevin Gross September 28, 2014

Worldwide demonstrations express solidarity, concern about climate change Amid another year of frustration about continuing climate change, throngs of environmental activists congregated throughout...

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