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Comunidad de Chicago se une a recaudar fondos para vendedor de elotes

Don Arnulfo Tovar Ruiz camina frente a su carrito de comida en el barrio de Pilsen. Tovar Ruiz gana entre 10-20 dólares por día.

Maria Guerrero, La DePaulia Managing Editor

February 4, 2020

La comunidad de Chicago recauda más de $10 mil para ayudar a un vendedor local de elotes a pagar sus gastos médicos y vivienda después de que su vecina creara una página de 'GoFundMe'. Laura Delgado, de 28 años, una ex- vecina de Don Arnulfo Tovar Ruiz, de 72 años, de Puebla, México, conoció e...

The 606 trail’s relationship with displacement

A Loop-bound Pink Line train makes it way into the Kedzie station in the Norht Lawndale neighborhood. The neighborhood has seen effects from the 606 trail.

Brita Hunegs, Staff Writer

January 20, 2020

Last Wednesday, the Institute for Housing Studies at DePaul University released a new report, examining how the 606 trail has intensified the displacement of people in the neighborhoods surrounding it. The study was released just one day after the City Council, and the mayor, approved a six-month mor...

Panel at DePaul event proves power of community art

A mural in Back of the Yards

Patsy Newitt, Assistant News Editor

October 23, 2019

The Latinx Cultural Center held a “Fighting Gentrification with Community Art” panel in Munroe Hall this past Wednesday, addressing the way many communities use art as a form of activism against gentrification. Panelists included Eduardo Arocho, the director of Humboldt Park Boathouse Gallery and to...

Pilsen proposes historic landmark to slow gentrification

Pilsen has seen the opening of trendy spots that invite people with a higher income, including Pinwheel Records which opened in 2015.

Gianfranco Ocampo, Contributing Writer

May 20, 2019

Gentrification across Chicago could potentially slow down in the Pilsen neighborhood. On Thursday, May 16, the Chicago Landmarks Commissioners voted unanimously to recommend a proposal to turn a 1.5-mile stretch on 18th Street in the Pilsen neighborhood into a historic landmark. The plan will now go t...

Pilsen community fight gentrification with murals

Murals in Pilsen bring neighbors together to fight the influx of outside development. Activists say the identity of the neighborhood is at stake, in addition to local businesses who are being displaced.  (Photo courtesy of Creative Commons)

Olivia Mohseni

May 17, 2015

[slideshow_deploy id='11998'] On a cold and gloomy morning earlier this year, Chicagoans protested the gentrification of the Pilsen neighborhood.  Signs were taped to the front of the hip new coffee shop Bow Truss Coffee saying “racism & classism smells like your coffee” and “Sabes donde ...

DePaul geography class offers students firsthand look at gentrification in Pilsen

Every year, Professor Euan Hague (pictured above, center) leads students in his Geography 133 course to the Pilsen neighborhood to study the effects of gentrification. Hague and professor Winifred Curran have compiled over 10 years of data to this point. (Photo courtesy of Euan Hague)

Gracie Covarrubias

September 28, 2014

Every spring, Professor Euan Hague leads a group of 25 DePaul students to learn about the phenomenon known as gentrification by delving deep into the Pilsen neighborhood, a neighborhood that has been at the center of this controversial process for more than 10 years. Gentrification, as defined by ...

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