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DePaul College of Law hosts panel about homelessness

DePaul College of Law hosts panel about homelessness

Chinyere Ibeh, Staff Writer

March 8, 2020

DePaul’s College of Law hosted “Invisible Neighbors: Fighting the Stigma of Homelessness in Chicago,” a panel that educates its attendees on homelessness around Chicago.  The panel began with a brief video that speaks about Vincent DePaul’s hospitality for the marginalized, especially the ho...

DePaul shows solidarity to people experiencing homelessness with ‘Big Sleep Out’

DePaul shows solidarity to people experiencing homelessness with 'Big Sleep Out'

Xavier Ortega, Photo Editor

December 8, 2019

On a cold, cloudy Chicago night of about 38 degrees Fahrenheit, DePaul hosted the Chicago Sleep Out on Dec. 7. About 130 participants joined together to spend one night sleeping outside in the Lincoln Park Quad. Many were only equipped with sleeping bags, blankets and layered clothing to keep them w...

OPINION: While the holiday season inspires kindness to the less fortunate, they need help year-round

OPINION: While the holiday season inspires kindness to the less fortunate, they need help year-round

Keira Wingate, Assistant Arts & Life Editor

November 11, 2019

Who remembers Easy-Bake Ovens? Impossibly expensive ovens for little children to make chemical filled cookies in an oven with a lightbulb for baking. Well, I remember. When Santa Claus came to one of the shelters my family and I were staying at when I was a child, an Easy-Bake Oven was my present. ...

DePaul students, Chicagoans alike will participate in event to fight homelessness

To bring awareness to the homelessness issue across the world, Chicagoans will unite by sleeping on the Quad in affiliation with the World Sleep Out event on Dec. 7.

Ebony Ellis, Contributing Writer

October 28, 2019

In 2017, 86,324 people experienced housing insecurity in Chicago, according to the Chicago Coalition of the Homeless. World Homeless Day on Oct. 10, is a reminder that homelessness or housing insecurity is more than what it may look like. As a call to action, DePaul University will host the “Big Sleep Out,...

Altering perceptions: One DePaul student’s path to housing security

Dom Coronel sits in the Dax house, located in the Ukrainian Village. He talks of his political activism through the Students for Sensible Drug Policy and as an apprentice for Jason Ortiz, the board vice president for the Minority Cannabis Business Association.

Mackenzie Murtaugh, News Editor

May 28, 2019

It was getting to class every day that made it so hard for Dom. He would leave the shelter, get to the train and make sure the attendant wasn’t looking so he could hop the turnstile and run. The fare wasn’t an expense Dom cared to pay, and the more he jumped the turnstile, the easier it became.  ...

Dax Program utilizes housing-first model to uplift in-need DePaul students

In Ukrainian Village, up to six housing-insecure DePaul students can live without the threat of homelessness.

Mackenzie Murtaugh, News Editor

April 22, 2019

When housing insecurity strikes, students might fear that their options are limited. Moving back home, couch surfing or sleeping on the train become realities for students who are unable to secure a lease or afford on-campus housing. For DePaul students, another option waits for them on the 12th flo...

Chicago bands together to help the homeless during deep freeze

People sleep in tents near a wooded area adjacent to the Dan Ryan Expressway on Tuesday, Jan. 29. Officials throughout the region were focused on protecting vulnerable people from the cold.

Emma Oxnevad, Asst. News Editor

February 4, 2019

As Chicago hit record-low temperatures last week, a number of organizations in the city and the surrounding areas took extra measures to ensure the safety of homeless residents. Chicago was blitzed by a series of days marred by extreme cold weather, reaching a low of 23 degrees below zero on Wednesd...

Homeless find refuge in Lincoln Park

Homeless find refuge in Lincoln Park

Jackson Danbeck

December 2, 2015

Tyrone Alexander walked down the street, restlessly jumping on top of every passing curb. When he was a young man, Alexander ran away to similar streets to escape hostile parents back home. He then joined the Marine Corps as an engineer for 11 years, but after “becoming sick in the mind,” as he called it, he left t...

40 percent of homeless youth are LGBTQ—and we’re not doing enough about it

Sam Schwindt

March 17, 2015

Parents have kicked their gay and transgender kids out of their homes due to lack of acceptance, intolerance, bigotry and hate on countless occasions. These kids are then forced to move from place to place; they couch surf, stay with different relatives, and sleep in their cars, on the train or on the...

City of light, city of blight: Many in Chicago struggle with poverty and homelessness

New rowhouses go up in the shadow of the old Cabrini-Green housing projects. The projects were torn down in conjunction with the Chicago Housing Authority’s Plan for Transformation. Despite the renewal, many former residents of public housing have not benefited and have become homeless in the process. (Playtonc | Wikimedia Commons)

Kate Brunea

November 16, 2014

Anyone who regularly passes by Clark Street and Belden Avenue in Lincoln Park knows Jackie Robinson, or would at least recognize him.  Read More »...

Homelessness: The plight of Chicago’s poor

Homelessness: The plight of Chicago’s poor

Kate Kownacki

October 12, 2014

Heidi and Ronnie have been living on the unforgiving streets of Chicago for more than three years. Heidi, a single mother of three, found herself exhausted by the struggles of being the sole financial supporter of herself and her three girls. Read More »...

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