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Having the COVID-19 conversation with your roommates

Having the COVID-19 conversation with your roommates
September 13, 2020

Living with roommates can sometimes be the worst. Whether you’re sharing a dorm or at an apartment with separate bedrooms — there is probably going to be a time where you’re laying in bed pretending...

The many forms of soulmates

The many forms of soulmates
May 14, 2020

A soulmate is defined as a person whom one has a strong affinity, shared values and tastes and often a romantic bond, according to Funnily enough, it’s definition such as those that...

The art of charcuterie

Wayne and Donavan’s friends convinced the two to craft a charcuterie board their board included brie toast and crackers, brie and cheddar cheese, grapes, strawberries, kale, almonds and craisins. The friends spent time together while making the board and had a long conversation while devouring the board. Donavan photo.
March 30, 2020

It is easy to imagine walking into an art gallery show and seeing a catered cheese plate with generic cheeses and meats and plain crackers, but imagine walking into a college study party or wine night...

Waste-free living: Recipes for reducing waste, saving money and helping the environment

Victoria Williamson  | The DePaulia
April 30, 2018

After another full rotation around the Sun, Earth Day came and went. Throughout Chicago, people gathered around at parks to plant trees, grow flowers and celebrate the planet we live on. However, as the...

Intuitive eating: the new non-diet diet

(Image courtesy of Google Images)
April 30, 2018

In a world consumed with diet culture, weight loss tips, cleanse suggestions and an overload of Photoshopped images, it’s hard to escape the pressure to give in to these trends. To alter one’s body...

Some help with how to combat panic attacks

Victoria Williamson | The DePaulia
April 23, 2018

Dizziness. Heart palpitations. Trembling. An overwhelming tightness in your chest coupled with an intensified fear and feeling of discomfort. These are some symptoms of a panic attack, a crippling phenomenon...

Personality may play a role in social media addiction

Neuroticism, conscientiousness and agreeableness may all contribute to developing an addiction.
(Gary Cosboy Jr.| AP)
April 16, 2018

If you can’t control your social media use, your personality might be to blame. A recent study conducted by Professor Isaac Vaghefi of Binghamton University and Professor Hamed Qahri-Saremi of DePaul...

Look to the stars

Look to the stars
The move from organized religion to astrology
April 9, 2018

Not too long ago, astrology seemed as if it was only a practice used to appease middle school-aged girls who read horoscopes in magazines. Now the study, which uses celestial bodies to interpret human...

Zoe Knight exemplifies young artist culture

DePaul sophomore Zoe Knight uses zines to express themselves creatively.
(Katie Adams | The DePaulia)
April 2, 2018

As the sun pours through the huge front windows of their third-floor Lincoln Park apartment on a Friday afternoon, Zoe Knight lies stretched on the floor. Their small frame is covered by a baggy thrifted...

Photo of the week: Dibs!

Some Chicagoans spend hours shoveling out parking spaces after snowy conditions. This spot is claimed by a Leonardo DiCaprio cardboard cutout.
(Jonathan Ballew | The DePaulia)
February 19, 2018

Commentary: Around DePaul, everyone knows DIBS as that weird, creepy blue monster that roams the Student Center and makes everyone feel just a little uncomfortable. But when it snows in Chicago, residents...

Hot Chocolate Battles

Hot Chocolate Battles
January 29, 2018

Winter was practically made for certain things; dry skin, settlements involving black ice, the coat industry, and of course hot chocolate. After a long day of trudging through the bitter cold outside,...

2018 Resolutions

(Ally Zacek/The DePaulia)
How DePaul students rang in the new year.
January 8, 2018

The last five seconds of every Dec. 31 leading into Jan. 1 starts the same for millions of people around the world: with families and friends counting down and synchronizing their voices with the second...

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