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The termination of textbooks

Graphic by Victoria Williamson

Mackenzie Murtaugh, Opinions Editor

February 26, 2018

It sits at my bedside table. The wood-panelling of my walls makes its blue and orange colors dance along with old receipts and gum wrappers drifting across my floor. The dust it has collected makes me reflect on simpler times, perhaps a time when this arrangement of paper didn’t sit beside my bed, plott...

Currency exchange: Replacing Andrew Jackson

Poll on replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill with a woman from U.S. history. (Tribune News Service)

Danielle Harris

May 24, 2015

During President Andrew Jackson’s first inaugural address, he said, “In a free government the demand for moral qualities should be made superior to that of talents.” While an agreeable statement, it is ironic once one considers Jackson’s legacy and those impacted by it — especially Native Americans. Read More &...

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