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DePaul hosts panel on North Korean threat as tensions rise

International tensions have been rising as North Korea continues to test nuclear weapons.
(Photo courtesy of The Associated Press)

Tariqah Shakir

November 6, 2017

The department of history hosted a presentation and discussion panel entitled “Crisis with North Korea: How Did We Get here?” Nov. 2 at the Schmitt Academic Center. Read More »...

North Korea: In “the Land of Bad Options,” one option has yet to be explored

<center><i>Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea and leader of Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Kim Jong Un inspects the landing and anti-landing drills of the Korean People's Army Large Combined Units 324 and 287 and Navy Combined Unit 597 at a private location on one of North Korea's coasts. (Getty Images/AFP)</center></i>

Benjamin Conboy

July 26, 2017

North Korea has been called “the land of bad options.” It has been a long-held belief of the United States government that we have only three options to rein in the country’s nuclear initiatives: impose sanctions with the intention of depriving them of the resources necessary to function as a nat...

An ‘Interview’ later: Korean diplomacy after Sony hacking scandal

A movie theater in Los Angeles showcases

Jackson Danbeck

January 11, 2015

As Sony planned to release its North Korea critical film “The Interview,” — which depicts the fictional death of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un — a mysterious group calling themselves the Guardians of Peace hacked into Sony’s computers in late November 2014 and leaked three films, including “The Interview.” The act led to renewed tensions between th...

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