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Fall fashion trends on the rise as temperatures drop

Jack Stevens, senior, enjoys thrifting to protect the environment.

Rebecca Meluch, Contributing Writer

November 11, 2019

The temperature is now dropping below 40 degrees, our clocks are turned back, the sun is setting in the late afternoon, and fall fashion trends continue to develop . Red, yellow, green, and brown tints of nature beautifully mark the time for fall fashion trends that inspire a maroon, olive, and khaki colo...

Seasonal disorder: When weather becomes unpredictable, so do fashion trends

Courtney Jacquin

May 27, 2014

April in Chicago: it could be winter, it could be summer. It could be one of the magical five days of spring the Midwest gets each year. It’s probably 50 degrees and raining. But on any given afternoon in the confusing months between a Polar Vortex and heat index warnings, the fashion is as confused...

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