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How DePaul’s clubs, organizations are handling virtual meetings

How DePaul's clubs, organizations are handling virtual meetings

Tommy Virgl, Contributing Writer

April 8, 2020

DePaul’s Richardson Library, which was once full of students collaborating and working vigorously, now stands abandoned amid the coronavirus pandemic. DePaul’s various clubs no longer can take advantage of previously available resources such as Richardson Library. While each club has made their ...

Op-ed: DePaul’s Student Government Association wants to hear from you

Op-ed: DePaul's Student Government Association wants to hear from you

Landon Campbell, SGA Vice President

February 16, 2020

As the winter quarter reaches its halfway point, the Student Government Association isn’t slowing down on our mission. Every day, DePaul SGA is focused on working towards improving the lives of every single student on our campus. We are a student organization built up of a diverse group of students,...

OPINION: Sitting in the conductor’s seat

A Metra train leaves Downtown Chicago. The suburban rail division of the Regional Transportation Authority announced a fare increse of roughly 10 percent that will take effect as early as February. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Marcus Townsend, Senator for Community & Government Relations, SGA

February 9, 2020

It’s no secret that DePaul University is a commuter school – over 90 percent of us commute in some form. In fact, I’m sure many other students currently enrolled at DePaul could relate to my first year: commuting to campus from the suburbs three or four times a week to attend class, which costs a...

Textured hair products to be sold at DePaul

DePaul University Lincoln Park campus.

Emma Oxnevad, Opinions Editor

October 28, 2019

ETC, the mini-mart located in the Lincoln Park Student Center, will sell products designed for textured hair. The initiative was the result of a collaboration between Chartwells and DePaul’s Student Government Association. The initiative was spearheaded by Camila Mariana Barrientos and Nathan Gutierrez...

DePaul Student Government Association candidates prepare for upcoming election

Marlee Chlystek / The DePaulia

Emma Oxnevad, Asst. News Editor

May 6, 2019

Candidates for DePaul Student Government Association (SGA) advocated for their campaigns at the Meet the Candidates event on Friday. Submissions to apply to run for SGA office were due by May 1, and the election will take place from May 6-9. When asked about the quick turnover for the election, Elec...

OPINION: DePaul Student Government Association makes case for greater involvement

OPINION: DePaul Student Government Association makes case for greater involvement

Nahal Hashemian and Emily Hoey, SGA President and Vice President

April 22, 2019

Leadership cannot exist in a vacuum. In order for effective public servants to emerge and achieve success, they depend upon the voice of constituents. At DePaul, positive change is directly related to the efforts afforded by individuals who relentlessly pursue justice for these constituents: our student b...

SGA: A turn for the better

SGA: A turn for the better

Nahal Hashemian & Emily Hoey, SGA President & Vice President

January 22, 2019

We stepped into our positions in May because the school needed leaders. There was little precedent to follow, but we do not shy away from challenges. In June, we made a game plan. Emphasizing collaboration, trust and transparency, we mapped out a new trajectory for DePaul’s Student Government Association ...

With fresh leadership, SGA sets ambitious goals

With fresh leadership, SGA sets ambitious goals

Evan Sully, Staff Writer

September 24, 2018

Nahal Hashemian, the first Muslim president of DePaul’s Student Government Association (SGA), is seeking to revitalize the organization’s image this school year through connecting with students and promoting diversity on campus. SGA has three main initiatives to achieve over the next school year:...

DePaul releases first draft of 6-year plan

DePaul releases first draft of 6-year plan

Benjamin Conboy, News Editor

March 5, 2018

DePaul has released the first draft of its six-year plan, outlining the steps the university hopes to take to correct some of its problems, create new opportunities and ensure its longevity as an institution. The plan was created with input from students, faculty and staff at town halls over the last ...

SGA holds first meeting of the year

(DePaul Student Government Association)

Jackson Danbeck

September 11, 2016

For the Student Government Association’s first meeting of the fall term, the group discussed changes within Public Safety, an upcoming Campus town hall meeting, a Brownstones renovation and the upcoming FAFSA deadline. As SGA had many new members this term, much of the meeting was spent familiarizing...

The fight to raise sexual assault awareness at DePaul

Kristina Pouliot

March 15, 2015

As the Honors Student Government liaison to the Student Government Association (SGA), I have had the unique experience of observing this group of student leaders from a somewhat detached perspective. On March 5, I was present for the SGA meeting at which a resolution was presented. This resolution, originally...

Proposed amendments to constitution draws concern from DePaul SGA senators

Brenden Moore

October 23, 2014

Many SGA senators have expressed concern over proposed amendments to the organization’s constitution that may significantly alter the balance of power between the organization’s two main bodies, the cabinet and the senate. Read More »...

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