• Carl L. Washington

    I agree that the child support overhaul should be completed as soon as possible to match what the rest of the United States is doing. This would resolve a lot of time in courts fighting over who should have custody if the children. Illinois has managed a reliable and valuable spousal maintenance plan so lets move forward with an updated and robust child support plan which will benefit both parties.

  • ronetta rushing

    I hope you are not basing the new calculations Missouri’s model. If you add overnight credits into your formula for calculations all you are doing is providing a financial incentive for Custodial Parents to withhold visitation from Custodial parents. This is a problem all over the United States. You will be taking a step backwards and not forwards. This new proposal does not benefit children, children do best when they have both parents in their lives. When you tie child support to visitation in any way, you are making a mistake. Visitation is not an issue that local police will usually enforce. It is considered to be a “civil matter”.You are taking a step backwards, not forward.

  • Greg Rogers

    #abolishchildsupport – End it all. There is no point. It destroyed my child hood. I can only imagine how many other children’s lives it’s wrecking vs helping.

  • David Fields

    Does anyone know the status of this? This needs to happen.

  • Kevin

    Illinois is stuck in the 1960s. Fathers are much more involved in kids lives than in the 60s so why should they be treated as a minority parent, and automatically pay x%? Why don’t we start with 50-50 visitation (which is basically what I finally received), and assuming income are similar for both parents no child support!! In today’s situation a woman making a million dollars with 2 children would receive 28% of the fathers 50k income even if he spent 45% of the time with the kids…….comical!

  • Chris

    I am the non-custodial parent and have my children overnight more than 50% of the time, and pay child support. The kids and I have a great relationship, but my ex-spouse has made a Petition to Modify the existing divorce decree to remove the visitation and increase the child support based on baseless claims and/or facts twisted out of context. Now I am spending thousands of dollars in legal costs defending a fundamentally unfair system.

  • Sarah

    Does anyone happen to know when this change might happen? I can’t find anything about the status of this at all…

  • Jason

    I am still hoping for this to go through at some point. We have joint custody with my ex having occupancy for our 2 children. Her salary is two times what i make and i have the children 50% of the time. I am having a very hard time understanding how any of this is fair. I pay 28% of my income but have to support them with a place to stay food and clothing as well as paying for half of their medical, education, and extra curricular activities. I just don’t understand how this is beneficial to the children when i already have them for 50% of the time. I have no problems at all supporting my children but I’m not sure why i give her any money besides the 50% for health and education needs. This is completely lopsided and i am drowning because of it.