• chingystardust

    I was a student worker throughout my entire undergradute career at DePaul and worked closely with many adjunct faculty. My job was a window into both the financial strain these talented professors endured, as well as the stunning amount of waste that DePaul’s administration permits. The author is right: administrative bloat is out of control at DePaul. Nepotism is everywhere as former students graduate and morph into full-time staff. This all comes at the expense of the university’s true assets: its professors. The leadership needs to take a hard look at where it spends its money, but I’m not optimistic. As the saying goes, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”

    • whatevernice345 .

      Since that’s the case, they’ll have to be other means in which the man will understand: dissuade high schoolers from applying for DePaul. Plus, they promise you jobs after graduation when you’re left with nothing and either end up homeless or having to get a low-wage job. This school is a sham. Money will be taken away from them one way or another. Or maybe they’ll burn the school down if these corporate mongers are not careful.

  • perfectarc

    Many of these colleges have become big business, much like corporate America where executives make exorbitant salaries. Marist College President Dennis Murray will be retiring later this Spring. In 2013 he was the 3rd highest paid college president in the country and made $2.66 million dollars. His pension will be 70% of the average of his last three years salaries, or, around $700 thousand per year for life. This, of course, is paid for by student tuition. Adjunct faculty at Marist College comprise 73 percent or more of the faculty and make around $3000 per course. You’re not allowed to teach more than five courses per year at Marist for reasons pertaining to the college’s long standing evasion of benefits paid to full-time faculty. So, Marist has made a lot of money off of it’s adjunct faculty over the years, and deposited it into the bank accounts of its bloated administration, including President Dennis Murray. You get what you pay for.