• Jeff Putterman

    With all due respect to Marcos’ mother, she’s clueless about what is happening in Cuba now. And the special treatment Cubans get when they come here is precisely why so many are risking their lives coming. They understand that if we truly open up relations with Cuba, they’ll have to wait on line like everyone else.

    “The Cuban Adjustment Act was created to use as a political weapon against the Cuban Revolution by creating a brain drain in the country,” Felix Masud-Piloto, a DePaul professor and expert on U.S.-Cuba relations, said. “Many, if not most of the current migrants are young professionals seeking a better future.”

    Let’s be real: Cubans come here for the money. And many then realize that money does not equate with happiness, and wish to go home.

    Any other reason someone like Marco Rubio gives (and we know his parents left Cuba BEFORE the revolution and then lied about it) is bullshit.