• bdickus2001

    “Paid attendance last season was 5,514 while turnstile attendance, or those who show up, was 2,395.”

    The university needs to quit scamming its paid attendance figures. Since “paid attendance” includes FREE TICKETS handed out to groups and organizations as promotional marketing for DePaul basketball, its NOT PAID.

    Jeannie why don’t you show us how many men’s basketball tickets DePaul actually received money for (not including the b.s. “athletics fee” that pays for student attendance)?

  • DemonGrad123

    “The idea was really to create an atmosphere that would give students a good vantage point and at the same time, if they wanted to stand an entire game, they would be in their own community,” DePaul athletic director Jean Lenti Ponsetto said. “We really wanted to provide them with a concourse area so that there were pregame events, pizza parties, or whatever, you know, students would like for us to do.”

    This quote paints the perfect picture of how out of touch Ponsetto is with college sports, the student body and college in general. These seats are in the upper deck behind the basket, worst seats in the house. College students aren’t interested in having pregame pizza parties. These are 18-22 year olds we’re talking about, not 9 year olds going to a birthday party. College kids would much rather go to a bar before the game and sit close to the court than be alienated in the nose bleeds in exchange for a few free events. Call this what it is Jeannie. You would rather sell these seats at a premium price than offer them to the students who are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to attend this university. Shame on you. It’s beyond me how DePaul puts up with your incredible incompetence year after year.

    • Brian

      Ironically, the seats Jeannie intends to sell will be 99% empty every game….