• Major Variola

    LOL Milo understands freedom much more than ivory tower academics and snowflake enablers.
    And deviants wanting normalization.

    Deal with it. Live free or die.

    • MonkeyProud

      People so easily “triggered” cannot be considered “academics”.

      They are dumb people being exposed for their stupidity.

  • psych495

    Wow, that review was certifiably terrible. Kyle McElroy clings to the ridiculous mythologies of modern third wave feminism, and pretends to defend liberalism, when in reality he is defending regressive anti free speech thugs. Liberalism has nothing to fear from Milo Yiannopoulos. He is not agitating for violence, he does not make rape threats, or death threats. Mr. McElroy is embarrassingly wrong about issues relating to Gamergate, and Feminism.

  • psych495

    @McLaren….how exactly has Milo Yiannopoulos incited the bullshit protests at Rutgers, and other campuses? Simply by being person with the wrong opinions? Your arguments are so tautological and mendacious, that it is impossible to take you seriously.

    • stephenlight

      Although logic courses used to be common, especially in Catholic colleges, I suspect the author will have to look up “tautology”

      However, if you ask what “cis” means they will have a ready answer. 3,000 plus years of Western Civilization in the dustbin.

  • tha1ne

    LOL wage gap. lol.

  • FlaNative

    what a load of crap. Readers should be aware that the scibbles above are fiction.

  • Lisa S

    Go to Milo’s talk tomorrow and make the decision yourself if Milo is “dangerous” before accepting this author’s point of view. Before you go, perhaps read several of his written pieces, there are many, that include footnotes for references. Ask him questions based on his writings. Simple.

  • Salvatore Angarone

    “Statistical realities of the gender wage gap”?? Just because you use the word ‘realities’ in your joke of a schools newspaper, doesnt make your argument legitimate.

    • RU_Serious

      It’s real, those poor women with a doctorate in Feminist Studies don’t make half of what male engineers with only bachelors degrees make! All because of sexism!

      • Matthew O.


  • Chir

    McLaren, I applaud your lack of fact checking, you are well on your way to a successful career as a talking sock puppet for “big media”. I believe Rolling Stone is looking for more reporters who don’t bother with research and facts. I recommend shooting a resume there, or to Huff post, or better yet Salon.

    • Robert T. Ives

      Chir, I was also taken with the author’s creative use of “facts”. He has an amazing grasp of “Gamergate”, bordering on, if not reaching, libel.

  • Cathy

    If someone doesn’t want to hear what he says than they aren’t forced to go and listen to him. No one is saying you must believe as he does, The only ones that seem to be forcing their opinions on others are certain Liberal groups on campus. I hope the Republican Club find a lawyer and get the administration to agree to the contract that they agreed to originally.

  • richardjking2000

    @McClaren: the reason that discourse seems to devolve to weaponized insults is because the entire left has brought us to this impasse. The right on campus is fighting for a seat at the table, which is repeatedly denied by the left.

    The reactions Yiannopoulos is getting are based on his well understood views, not any fomenting. Universities and Colleges should be places where ideas are presented in their panoply, not places of indoctrination in one point of view. Philosophy and Political programs should always strive to show the entire record.. and the good/bad points of ALL positions. Any other stance violates the desires of students to get a FULL education.

  • Charles Spears

    “[…]and opposed to free speech if it is discordant with their progressive ideology.”

    They’re (you’re?) opposed to free speech full stop. No need for the extra qualifiers.

  • TheSuitIsNOTBlack

    It’s not a wage gap, it’s an earnings gap. BIG difference.

  • Clean Leon

    I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death the right for you to remain silenced.

  • The Independent Whig

    This author is a liar, saying that the gender wage gap is real.

  • MarkL

    What a piece of crap University. Intolerant and childish.

  • kalani

    SJWs created Donald Trump. If he loses, the next will be worse and nastier, and will actually win.

    • Jason Hanson

      HURRR DEM EVIL SJWS AND MUH PRECIOUS GAMERGATE. Be careful what you wish for neckbeard, you just haven’t seen the other side bite back to all your barking. But keep acting like the victim online lol

      • kalani

        lol, nice meme generator. If you care to have a real convo, let me know. :).

      • legtingle

        Wow! You told us! Captain of the DePaul debate team?

  • Rob Kester

    DePaul failed the litmus test miserably. In the piss-poor handling of the situation they have proven that they are NOT a learning institution that is worthy of my kids or my money.

  • Ixoziel

    Why are you victim shaming? Since when is it okay to assault someone for what they say? Would you blame a girl for being “intentionally seductive” if she got raped? No, you wouldn’t. So why are you doing it here?

    Last time I checked, we live by the principle that we control our own actions, and that the words of other people do NOT control us.

  • Dom

    Milo is an @$$ we know this. But to blame him for protests is a cop out.
    How about other more respectable conservative speakers who are regularly protested against by social justice warriors, were they asking for it?
    Milo is needed to act as a lightning rod because campuses have become so lopsided, so controlled by progressives it’s impossible for others to speak.the only safe space is for those people who think exactly like the thugs who protest Milo and other speakers.
    When campuses once more become open to debate, free speech, open mindedness and true intellectual thought, then we can all relax. Until then milo and a growing number like him will continue shouting to be heard.

    • John

      Quote of comment above: “Milo is an @$$ we know this.”

      Maybe, but he is far more honest that the people he debates against.

      • Dom

        Oh yeah. That’s why I respect him.

  • ChicagoJohn

    “This criticism of protest — also a form of free expression — is
    dangerous rhetoric because it disparages civil disobedience, which is
    among the most established and respected forms of free speech in

    Well, no. Its respected by the far left. Most people see it as someone standing in their way as they are driving / walking / trying to watch a conservative speaker…. speak.

  • SmileWithMe

    LOL, so you are accusing Milo of telling people to send death threats? Hope you have a lot of good lawyers.

    • Remus Lupin

      Did milo get stabbed or shot? No? Ok.

  • James Russell

    Progressives go to conservative events, disrupt them, behave violently, and destroy property.
    Conservatives do not go to progressive events to disrupt them, behave violently or destroy property.
    It’s easy for people to see which world they’d like to live in.
    Thank you, idiotic, insane Leftists!

    • Splattergrunt

      They aren’t progressives, they are regressives. Huge difference.

  • Dustin Johnson

    You guys are so full of shit it’s leaking from the corners of my phone just reading this. You’ll say and do anything to justify your IngSoc swill while blaming the victims of your attacks as “asking for it.” All that comes to mind is a cat trying to bury its turds on a threadbare carpet. You KNOW you’re tyrants. You just don’t care. Maybe crack open a history book, and read about what ultimately happens to your ilk.

  • mdsman

    The Gender Pay Gap – A debunked Myth
    Yes, it is fun to quote that false stat but, we all know that it is untrue

    And, being that you are college student, living in your safe sapce, to which gender are you referring?









    • SGT Ted

      You left out “weirdo”.

    • sn

      whoa good one

  • mdsman

    Sadly, you students have allowed your school to become a joke and an embarrassment.
    Whilst it is unfair to paint all because of the absurdity and stupidity of a few, that is just a reality of life.
    Until such time that the mature and rational students stand up and demand that this nonsense be curtailed, I can gaurantee you that I, nor any of my peers at the senior levels of corporations, will entertain CV’s from DePaul graduates.
    Unfair? Yes. But, that is the price you pay for your complacency which is, in fact, passive support.
    Enjoy your “Safe Spaces” as I doubt that many of you will enjoy “Safe Jobs”

  • RU_Serious

    I can’t help but notice that in all of the stories about this event on this site not a single SJW comes to the comment section to defend their actions. I think that is very telling, because their actions are indefensible and they do not seek dialog but only seek violent suppression of views with which they disagree. They are the brownshirts of our time, fascists violently suppressing those who would oppose them. I can understand that part, what I can’t understand is DePaul protecting them and thus encouraging this despicable behavior. If DePaul continues to allow such behavior sooner or later these violent protesters will hurt or even kill someone.

    • legtingle

      They don’t debate. They scream, wail, flail, write silly things on their face which mean nothing, throw themselves to the street like a crabby toddler whose ice cream has fallen off the cone. America is waking up to the Left and to the Perma Victims who demand FREE, FREE, FREE: GIBSMEDAT!

    • MonkeyProud

      Well, it’s just not “safe” enough for them to type here.

    • sn

      Actually its because everyone in the comments are kind of seen as trolls, you might know that the anti-hate rally was named “Don’t Feed the Trolls”. Also, any debate/disagreement is met with “whiner, baby, study x/y/z, fix your sentence” so its not really worth it

    • Remus Lupin

      Why bother debate with a cesspool like yourself and legtingle? I wouldn’t and it’s pointless.

  • ectocooler

    If you can’t get the origin of #GamerGate right (which you didn’t, not by a long shot) then why should I bother to believe anything else you write in this?

    You’ve already failed at your primary goal: truth.

    My god…..your article reinforces GamerGates narrative. How ironic since BLM’s protest only helped to reinforce Milo’s narrative.

  • TheSuitIsNOTBlack

    Wages are how much you get paid per hour, your salary, or your commissions which apply evenly to each person doing the same exact work, has the same exact experience level, has the same exact negotiation opportunities, works for the same exact company at the same exact location with the same exact boss, and has the same exact performance/productivity level.

    Earnings are based upon how many hours are worked, how many sick days taken, how many pregnancy leaves, etc.

    So for example, two people work at the same job at the same location with the same exact position @ $20/hour, but one of them is a woman who chooses to work less hours, take less overtime, get pregnant regularly, and takes more sick days. They are both paid the same wage, but the woman earns less. No unfairness or injustice occurred.

    Then, of course, there’s the fact that more men earn degrees that lead to higher paying jobs, and all sorts of other nuanced variables. It’s not simply a matter of dividing the average earnings of women by the average earning of men. That is garbage statistical analysis that feminists love to spew out.

  • sn

    why cant we go back to the good old days of calling people slurs and openly bullying them :-/

    • kalani

      The irony: isn’t that exactly what the protesters did to Milo and conservatives??

    • John

      Yes, that is exactly what black lives matter is trying to do!

      • Remus Lupin

        and Trump protesters. :^)

  • crydiego

    Milo is not important to me, but the principals of free and open debate are. Does the author believe that if I had a whistle program capable of scrambling his text, I could rightfully use it? Does the author feel that, “being politically right,” allows you to block other’s speech?
    Politically, I don’t agree with Milo but this issue is bigger to me than politics. The silencing of Milo is wrong, but the apparent approval by some is a warning that everyone’s freedom is at stake!

    • Remus Lupin

      it was not a open debate or event….

      • crydiego

        The principles, ” fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning.”

  • Will

    Lmaoooooo WHAT !!!! “although he provides no counter-evidence aside from making generic, racist criticisms of black culture ” , WOW, whoever the authored this article is beyond incorrect !!! Milo always and can at the drop of a hat provide very strong and reasonable reasons at to why BLM is hypocritical and VERY counteractive for their own cause, which IMO are imaginary “micro” aggressions that make the average working american snicker when they hear what some of their “DEMANDS” are.

    • John

      These anti-Milo people – all they know of him are sound bytes selected for their echo chamber. They never really listen to what Milo is actually saying.

  • No, just premoderation for all. Idk if that’s general policy or an emergency measure.

    I’ve am/have been a mod as well as being involved in determination of site policies in respect of comments (elsewhere); it’s a miserable, thankless job, so give the dePaulia mods a break.

    • Easyst17

      Premoderation is still more or less censorship, since the only people who will see it are those who are late to the article, and it means if I am early to the article I don’t get to see as many thoughts of others.

      I’m going to bet that the reason moderation is a miserable, thankless job is that some moderators tend to actively develop a negative depth of feeling against themselves. The sheer number mainstream sites that engage in shadowbanning or deleting comments that simply disagree with the main article is insane. It is quickly turning the internet into just another echo chamber where no one can discuss complex ideas or learn from thoughtful disagreement, we just sit on opposite ends of the court racking up meaningless points against the strawmen we make eachother out to be.

      • Premoderation is still more or less censorship

        I’m not a fan of premoderation either (and we don’t do it on our sites) and not only for the reasons you mention but, if your staff is small and you don’t have specialised tools, it’s the only way to be sure that every post is inspected. Our solution was to write a custom moderation tool to make that possible without resorting to premoderation. Not every organisation has the required level of in-house IT to do something like that, though.

        Regardless, it should be recognised that websites on which you can literally say anything you like are rare as hen’s teeth (not even 4chan is completely free), and websites are private property not subject to the US 1st Amendment.

        Site operators are under no legal or moral obligation to permit everything and, as a matter of practicality, must draw the line somewhere or else the usefulness of comment threads goes to zero.

        Call that censorship if you must, but I would not. I would not even call it silencing because there is nothing to prevent you from setting up a competing site on the same subject with different rules.

        In contrast, what we saw at dePaul a few days ago is a very noisy form of silencing or no-platforming because opponents invade their target’s space and make enough of a nuisance of themselves that the event can’t proceed.

        I’m going to bet that the reason moderation is a miserable, thankless job is that some moderators tend to actively develop a negative depth of feeling against themselves.

        Not against themselves, but when you seem the same drippy remarks time and again, you very quickly grow weary and short of tolerance for them. Some mods allow themselves to become hypersensitive as a result and, it has to be said, some moderators aren’t very good at separating their personal opinions from site policy. Some sites lack the leadership to see to it that their moderators do a good job. (NB: Not talking about dePaulia here.)

        It is quickly turning the internet into just another echo chamber where no one can discuss complex ideas or learn from thoughtful disagreement

        Not the Internet, just individual sites. And yes, that’s how echo-chambers form.

        You don’t need permission to start a new website. The solution to sites with poor policy and/or enforcement is to get a domain, some hosting and some software (plenty of adequate stuff is free), and start your own site. It’s a lot of hard work, though, which is perhaps why not more people do it.

  • Mike

    Admissions have continued to drop at DePaul….and with the poor handling of this speakers basic rights, it’s quite easy to see why. Free speech for each sides point of view is a joke at DePaul. While I have no intention of voting for Trump….this episode nevertheless is a major media embarrassment for the school and it’s leaders..

    • John

      They felt “physically threatened” by some chalk on the sidewalk.


  • John

    There is no (meaningful) wage gap between men and women. Wages are how much you are paid per unit time for a specific job. Men and women are paid essentially the same for the same job, with the same experience, same ability, for the same amount of time.

    There is an “earnings” gap – on the whole men make more than women. Men also on the whole choose to work longer hours and choose to take higher risk and higher stress jobs.

  • Fed24

    “Yiannopoulos and his followers launched an internet harassment campaign that included sending death threats to various women and “doxxing,” posting personal information online to induce harassment.”

    Citation needed! Please present evidence that Milo himself harassed people online, sent death threats and doxed various woman! Your statement implies that happened, have you not heard of Defamation?

  • MaskedRacer

    Milo is the man. He calls out these freakish and small nutjob groups for who they are. “Black lives matter” is a criminal organization. They want to shut down free speech and cause only violent revolution more like France than American.

  • MaskedRacer

    DePaul is another faux catholic institute. They don’t teach the Catholic faith. They would probably condem the Traditional Latin Mass I’m sure.

  • Jordan Allen

    Wow. This author has no clue about #Gamergate.

  • Peter Dahu

    I find disturbing that poster think there is no gender pay gap.

  • Novosi

    LOL nice mischaracterizations, this is why I dont take anything the media says without a mountain of salt.

  • Phil Torres