• Spasmolytic

    These protesters need to realze that Milo wants you to disrupt his speaking engagements. It gives him more publicity. It also validates his argument that liberals are often intolerant towards those they disagree with.

    • john1gun

      Liberals are intolerant to opposing points of view, it is a fact. There is no argument to be validated. The science is settled. Let’s go to the video tape.

      • Gary The Gregraious

        Progressives. I’m a classic liberal and this is atrocious. These people are a cancer that infiltrated the left, and a lot of us are actively trying to fight them.

        • Andrew Peters

          that’s why classical liberal are now calling themselves cultural libertarians

        • medbob

          The Founders were classical Liberals. That is why I call this contemporary bunch “Leftists”.

          • Clive_G

            Personally, I prefer the term “Rabble”.

        • legtingle

          I hope the story goes viral. 2 more points up for the Donald.

        • FlameCCT

          Definitely Progressives. While I am Conservative, it was fun and challenging debating classic liberals which improved our nation. Now Progressives want their form of Marxism to control everything. They have taken control of the Democrat Party and Republican establishment. I would also note that like National Socialist Goebbels and Communists Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Progressive Alinsky in his Rules for Radicals; they prefer to use Bernays and Lippman’s methods of propaganda. Which they first used to support Progressive Democrat President Wilson bring Jim Crow laws to the nation when he segregated the federal government.

    • srsbusiness

      Well…let’s try it 🙂

    • medbob

      It would never happen. It does not happen.
      Conservatives are tolerant of other viewpoints. You must understand that all of the leftist arguments are projection. They project their internal dialog upon their opponents. You must not only know that, but must use it against them.

      • Clive_G

        It’s well known that, if you want to know what a leftist is doing/thinking, simply look at what they accuse others of doing/thinking.

    • legtingle

      That be different! And yous bees raciss.

    • Will

      Exactly……and they claim that white privilege is everywhere ! Only privilege that i’ve been seeing is “black privilege” the privilege to get away with doing anything you want, things that NO white person in america could do without losing jobs, reputation and countless other things ! It’s past the point of ridiculous !!! Hypocrisy at it’s finest !!!

    • legtingle


    • trank

      blm addresses legitimate issues. the jerk milo is doing what 90% of republicans in public do to get talk radio jobs or run for office – repeat the crap and lies coming from hundreds of ignorant blowhards on more than 1000 coordinated racist radio stations that claim every day it’s the white men who are the victims! if you don’t think they’re racist and coordinated just listen to them every time another mike brown or trayvon martin gets shot.

      ironically, according to the depaul website, the blue demons broadcast sports on 560 WYND, which has the classic RW ignorant blowhard lineup guys like milo listens to.-prager, hannity, walsh, medved, and hewitt! those are milo’s professors.

      15 hrs x a cheap $1000/hr x 5dys x 52wks = $3.9 MIL/YEAR in RW ignorance, racism, and hate and pro gov rauner infomercials endorsed by the blue demons!

      they ought to reread their mission statement.

  • The Panthers Superfan


  • groosemoose

    Depaul= the next Mizzou. Didn’t end well for Mizzou

    • Charles Taylor

      Enrollment down 1500 at Mizzou.

  • Evil Liberal

    Why are the BLM thugs so afraid of one little gay guy?

    • conmary

      Milo is one big dude both physically and intellectually 🙂

      • legtingle

        He is yummy for my brain!

    • America FIRST✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

      They aren’t afraid. They needed crack money and Hillary Clinton and Soros were willing to provide it.

    • EtoculusDei

      They aren’t afraid of him…..they are afraid of the truth about themselves.

      • legtingle


  • Dude1394

    More democrat nazi brown shirts. No wonder all of those broads are getting bitch-slapped by their boyfriends. Who wouldn’t punch that thing.

  • john1gun

    Been a long time since I was in college. I would be appalled and ashamed of my alum mater if they let thugs like these disrupt a planned event, no matter the speaker.

  • SmileWithMe

    LOL, I suggest the university make a heartfelt apology ASAP tomorrow. Breitbart won’t let this go.
    As groosemoose said, ask Mizzou how much they regret letting a little group of liberal activists get away with something, and what it does for the bottom line of the university.

    • minmod

      They won’t say a single thing. Look at what happened to Ben Shapiro at that one university a bit ago, horrible stuff, ended up on the news, but not a single statement by the uni.

      • TetraD20

        Yeh.. but Milo is LOUDER than Ben Shapiro, he’s really heard to hear being that short…

        • Mark Boabaca

          I can’t believe you went DOWN there! 😉

        • Shank

          He keeps a low profile.

      • Taquoshi

        Sometimes, the university will feel it in other ways. And the more frequently this happens, the angrier people are becoming. The number of students entering colleges is dropping overall and the colleges simply don’t need this kind of bad publicity.

        And to the DePaul administration — shame on you if you let this pass without dealing with it appropriately.

        • legtingle

          More idiots think a “loan” will pay for their silly gender/race/I’m a dolphin studies degree. More parents are opting out. More parents are moving to get away from their dullard grown children. ENJOY!

  • srsbusiness

    This is actually a pretty fair and unbiased article. I’m surprised they included the quote about how Milo’s company paid for the security, yet security did nothing.

    • This Is My Display Name

      And yet there’s no quote from Public Safety about WHY they apparently did nothing, nor any mention of an attempt to get said quote.

      They also didn’t seem to press CPD on why there was only ONE arrest, when a handful of people seemed to warrant trespassing charges and there were at least 2 incidents of physical violence after the conclusion of the event.

      If it were me, I’d also question why Public Safety had to be paid to be on hand when they already get paid to handle issues of, as the name suggests, Public Safety.

      I wouldn’t go so far as to call it “biased”, but there is a definite issue with the lack of diligence on the part of the reporter.

      • Cameron

        Wasn’t that arrest of a reporter who supported Milo and was filming the event? So they didn’t’ even arrest any of the protesters to my knowledge.

  • CTown

    Trump probably gets another bump from this. When will these petulant children learn?

    • Cameron

      Shhh let them keep going. They’re helping us get daddy elected.

  • MrKinoshita

    DePaul should be ashamed.

    Progressive brownshirts on full display.

  • ChicagoJohn

    So…. when do the book burnings start?
    I mean, as long as the protesters are going to try to stop people that they don’t like from speaking, can I presume that book burnings of “unapproved’ books are far behind?
    Or is it just actual speech that the students want to suppress?

    • Muzzlehatch

      Book containing Wrongthink aren’t allowed on campus in the first place. They dont exist and besides they threaten the saftey of the students by being controvertial. I mean we all know what a drooling facist hate monger dead white male Herman Melville was. And that hate spewing bitch Germaine Greer. I mean not just white but Australian !!

  • Dave

    So is DePaul going to refund Milo? What about the assault that occurred and was captured on video?

    Fucking worthless fascists.

  • Robbie

    What a shameful bunch. As a graduate I will no longer send my annual contribution in to this school until the admissions department admits civilized students capable accepting varying viewpoints. The administration, faculty and students should be ashamed. Remind me to never hire a graduate of DePaul.

    • You won’t be the only one. The more illiberal campuses become, the more people will refuse to support them. Alumni who would otherwise donate will read about this story and decide it’s not a good place to send their money or children. And current students will remember that speech isn’t allowed at DePaul if it is libertarian or conservative speech. The university has just permanently lost future alumni contributions from every single undergraduate and graduate student at DePaul who is a libertarian, conservative, or Republican. The more universities cater to thugs like these, the less help they’ll have in the future.

    • annabel

      Make sure and tell them why.

    • Will

      Note to self , In two years when my daughter begins looking at colleges automatically exclude 1. Depaul and 2. Missou , they’ve clearly shown they have NO spine and they clearly only care about POC’s feelings and point of view.

      • Cameron

        Don’t forget CSULA after what they did to Ben Shapiro, which was 100x worse than this. BLM was threatening to kill people, and the police told people to not leave the room because they feared for the people attending the speech’s lives.

  • srsbusiness

    Judging by these comments…I don’t think the protest went as planned. Seems like all it did was give Milo, who is still relatively obscure compared to, say, Charles Krauthammer or Byron York, a gigantic publicity stunt. I suggest some of these rioters read “Antifragile” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb to understand why trying to suppress free speech pretty much always backfires.

  • Reason And Believing

    This was a homophobic hate crime

    • m11nine

      “Christian Minister Physically Threatens LGBT Speaker at University Event”, should be the headline.

      • FlameCCT

        Correction: he self-identifies as a minister, like Louis Farrakhan.

      • Phil

        If he calls himself a Christian, he should be ashamed of himself

  • magnusdei

    A school full of evil Leftists? No wonder their mascot is the Blue Demon.

    You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

  • Chad Burke

    Human garbage. And this paper lauded this clown a few months back. You’re all complicit scum.

    • minmod

      Wow, such disgusting homophobia from you. Seek help!

      • Chad Burke

        And you’re a moron. I was referring to the so called “protesters.”

        • minmod


        • America FIRST✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

          That wasn’t entirely clear. I took it to mean the same thing minmod did, until I read your rebuttal. Thank you for clarifying.

        • Deez Nuts2015 ✓𝕍𝕖𝕣𝕚𝕗𝕚𝕖𝕕 👎

          Getting defensive because your OP was misleading, at best?

          Got it.

  • Charles Taylor

    Christian homophobe minister uses “BLM” as a cover to attack gay public speaker. And the university let it happen.

    • America FIRST✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

      He needed crack money and Soros pays him.

  • ObiWanKenobi

    Breitbart should sue the security detail, then sue the University for allowing the assault.

    • legtingle

      Breitbart/The univ Repub club should DEMAND ALL $$$ BACK. Including time spent putting the event together, advertising, hall rental, etc. Plus damages. Plus threaten to sue DePaul for reckless endangerment.

  • Jack Lemon

    Will the thugs who disrupted and assaulted Yiannopolos be disiplined or will black privilege save them from which should be an automatic explusion?

    • legtingle

      A bunch of perma victim BLM tried to take over another Univ (OHIO?) President’s office. He addressed them pointedly: If they were not out within 30 minutes (something, a time limit), the cops would escort them out to the police wagons, and they would be expelled. One brilliant BLM “protestor” asked what expelled meant. They all got up and scurried away like cockroaches when the light is turned on. THAT’S WHAT MIZZOU SHOULD HAVE DONE. THAT IS HOW TO HANDLE THESE LEFTIST PERMA VICTIMS….EVERY TIME.

      • Jack Lemon

        Exactly. State governments need to take control by proclaiming that if university officials will not enforce the laws, they will. BLM has been treated with kid gloves for too long, the hammer needs to come down hard.

  • Infowarrior415

    F that monkey loser Ward. Coward piece of trash. Phony wannabe minister.

  • RU_Serious

    Oh the poor precious snowflakes threw a hissy fit because someone challenged their world view! Ed Ward a “Man of Vision and Empowerment” gets triggered and loses his delicate little mind when confronted with a gay conservative, I guess it’s kind of like when the evil robot in a sci-fi movie blows its circuits when confronted with a statement it wasn’t programmed to handle.

    Now, presumably, all the precious snowflakes are back in their safe spaces hugging each other and sucking their thumbs.

    • America FIRST✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

      They were just earning their crack money. Soros pays them.

  • DePaul, you’re a violent racist university. You love racist BLM thugs and hate the 1st amendment. You allow free speech to be shouted down and let criminals threaten conservative speakers. You’re a cesspool of Third World Banana Republic leftist anarchists. You’re not higher learning. You’re low hanging fruit who do not follow the rule of law. You’re students are lawless malcontents who violently resist free speech. I hope your university does into default. You have no clue what you’ve done by your announcing to the world of what fascists you are. You’re not Americans. You’re violent radical thugs, from top to bottom.

    • legtingle

      Walter R: Why…yes!

    • Will

      Exactly….these leftists won’t be happy until america is basically another 3rd world country ! All the white people will probably leave or whites will eventually be racially mixed out through generations. From my point of view, planet earth would really suck without White People……look at all the really cool things we’ve invented and all the really cool ideas that we come up with. But yet for some reason it seems as if this is what the left wants…..even has brainwashed white people into calling white people racist for something as simple as supporting Donald Trump. Everyday it feels as if america is falling deeper and deeper into the twilight zone !!!! God Help us All !!!!

  • datavortex

    The shameful failure of the authorities to do their job and arrest Ed Ward and other violent and disruptive people should lead to firings, security fee refunds, and reform. It’s a stunning failure of the university and local authorities. The heckler’s veto is no way to conduct a free exchange of ideas at a college. Shame on DePaul and shame on the police.

    • legtingle

      Milos should absolutely file a police report on that Ed Ward thing and his co-hort that looked like a $2 dancing and hooting crack whore. They threatened him with bodily harm and I think the little midget crack whore actually poked him.

  • Gene Kim

    What a bunch of thugs. Fuck BLM.

  • Joe Johnson

    Kind’ve pathetic that they let this low IQ monkey shut down the whole conference.

    Maybe one day they will learn to be more aggressive since we all know the worthless security won’t do shit about it.

    That dumb blond broad should’ve let the crowd storm the stage instead of yapping about “everyone getting arrested”

    Bad show on this one.

    • America FIRST✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

      Milo did the right thing, sit back and let them show the world what monkeys with crack addictions will do for Soros money

      • Joe Johnson

        I can’t really blame the low IQ affirmative action dancing monkey (Ed Ward) they sent on stage to disrupt the speech. I mean a low IQ monkey is going to act like an animal, thats his natural state. Ed Ward is too low in IQ to have a GED let alone a real college degree. Shows you how worthless a “liberal arts” degree has become these days when even a dancing monkey is given one by liberal universities.

        Im sure Soros gave this baboon a few shekels to disrupt the event.

        The biggest disgusting parts were due to:

        1) Security being told by the Depaul President to essentially stands down. This was a setup by Depaul University’s communist President to shut down Milo

        2) The Republican student “leadership” (blond chick) who told the Milo supporting younger guys to get off stage so the “cop would arrest everyone”. They were about to defend Milo and this fool essentially shut down the Milo supporters who were ready to confront the dancing monkey.

        Shame on Depaul.

  • MolonLabe#tryme

    Ahhh, the liberal left, aka punchassbeeotches

  • Eileen Dover

    Defund Colleges and Universities who refuse to support basic freedoms and allow lawlessness to run rampant.

  • rational_to_a_fault

    Nigglypuff 1 and Nigglypuff 2 should be immediately suspended and arrested on hate crime charges.

    Or does that only apply if you are a gay democrat being threatened with physical violence?

  • Corporal Jigsore

    Perpetually butthurt would-be authoritarians shut down free speech and free expression. Groovy, man.

  • Tarzan

    I hope the subhuman fascists who disrupted the event are all expelled. If not for the sake of free speech then for the sake of depaul university. You know enrolment dropped 25% and cost Mizzou millions of dollars after they bowed to these screaming fascist cucks.

    • Taquoshi

      Unfortunately, the leader of the group, Edward Ward is supposedly a “Christian minister” who was an alumni, so he can’t be expelled. However, I am hoping that he can be sued — big time, although their chances of collecting any actual financial rewards are very, very slim. I’d also like to see the black woman who got in Milo’s face arrested for harassment.

      • Joe Johnson

        For what money?

        That low IQ negro was a homeless bum before he was paid off by Soros for this stunt.

        He’s just a paid monkey that has little to sue for.

        • Taquoshi

          Sometimes, it isn’t about the money. This would be one of them.

      • MassInert

        He’s a ‘Christian Minister’ – Really?
        What does he do in his sermons, stand in front of the congregation blowing a rape whistle?

        • Taquoshi

          The editors are blocking the link to their own article that I posted. Go
          to the internet search engine of your choice and type in “Edward Ward,
          DePaul University” and the article from the DePaulia should come up.

          • MassInert

            Thanks for the link to that Feb article.
            Lots of new comments there now.

        • Muzzlehatch

          Pro Choice evangelical laying on of hands “Abort in the name of Jesus !! “

      • medbob

        They can take back his degree!!! (Like THAT will happen…)
        There is no intellectual honesty at these cesspools.

        • Taquoshi

          Now that would be interesting! Based on the feel good piece the University did on him, it sounded like he may actually be employed by the University. That could prove to be very interesting also.

  • Model 96

    So what is the BLM message, agree with us or we’ll beat you up? Very convincing.

  • I would not want to be in DePaul’s public relations dept….

    • Taquoshi

      Hope they have plenty of aspirin and antiacid on hand. They’re gonna need it.

  • America FIRST✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

    What a bunch of pus sies. P O S thugs paid for by Hillary. I hope your school get the pants sued off of you.

  • MassInert

    DePaul Univ.
    Shame, Shame, Shame
    Shame, Shame, Shame
    Shame, Shame, Shame
    Shame, Shame, Shame

  • hippiesol

    …gee, i thought universities were for LEARNING, not shouting people down …

  • McHebrew

    Ain’t nothing goin’ happen in these cuckold classrooms.

  • Deez Nuts2015 ✓𝕍𝕖𝕣𝕚𝕗𝕚𝕖𝕕 👎

    My tolerance for the tolerant ones is less than theirs. I dare any of them to get in my face. They will come to know the depths of my respect for them swiftly.

    • legtingle

      Milo should carry a can of wasp spray until he gets an armed guard. Easy to us, has a 20 ft stream, right in the face. Worse than pepper spray.

  • Hello? Yes, this is the ACLU….

  • Walter

    Well, scratch DePaul off the list of places I would send my daughter. Thank you Mr Yiannopoulos. I think I’ll just keep track of your tour to weed out Uni’s we won’t be enrolling in.

  • Howard Beale

    DePaul: Number ONE in section 8 housing.

  • MassInert

    Do the students at DePaul feel ‘safe’ with their inept security?

  • C Michaels

    Somebody need to punch out that black ho. She needs to learn some manners, apegirl.

  • Joshua Dodd

    Where are the civilized blacks speaking out against this behavior being exhibited by their children? Where is the outcry in the black community against this? Do these people not realize that these regressive fools are fostering a new era of volatile tensions that is going to lead to a race war? People better start speaking out against this political correctness and black lives matters thuggery fast before it is too late.

    • America FIRST✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

      They are smoking crack on their couch

    • legtingle

      Well, that one student was up there, a young black female Math major, and I really admired her. Of course the 80 IQ perma victim BLM scum shouted her down. Pathetic.

  • SignifyingJive

    The young woman that got in Milo’s face should be arrested for assault. Where was security?

    • America FIRST✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

      Holding up the wall.

      • SignifyingJive

        I suppose it’s true…you get what you pay for. Next time, Breitbart should hire a biker gang.

      • Muzzlehatch

        Boy did they ever look sheepish. That was amusing.

  • Wrinkly cankles

    I thought liberals were supposed to be tolerant of gays. Looks like they are the intolerant bigots.

  • Howard Beale

    It appears DePaul security took notes from Stephanie Rawlings (or is it Blake’s) notebook on how to give space and let wild mobs destroy property and assault people.

  • C Michaels

    DePaul Blue Demons. Good nickname for the worst bball team in the BigEast year in and year out for the last 15 years. For the lack of talent and the lack of class, they need booted.

  • B lack
    L ieberal
    M onkeys

  • R = RINO

    What happened to “I man not agree with what you say, but I will defend with my life your right to say it.”

    Oh…that was the old left when they didn’t have the hands on the “system”. Now they are the “system” and their true ugly fascist intentions come out.

    • FlameCCT

      In the words of that great philosopher, Forrest Gump:
      Progressive is as Progressive does!

    • Cameron

      These people aren’t liberals. Liberals would never condone this. The conservatives in this country are now the true liberals. BLM and their ilk are simply dressed up reactionaries pretending to be something they’re not.

      • R = RINO

        If you mean ‘classic liberals’ yes. But the left has hijacked the term…which they do so often.

  • B aboon
    L eftist
    M orons.

  • Jeffreyamo

    This is the kind of behavior that pushes moderate Dems right into the undecided column. And right into the waiting arms of Trump.

    And he thanks you for the extra votes.

    • Cameron

      Did it for me. Registered Dem. Only voted Republican once, for Arnold in CA, because there was no other choice. Willing and eager to vote Trump in November. These fascists need to be stopped.

  • C Michaels

    DePaul should be ashamed of itself for admitting creatures that have no academic right to even be in college. I doubt some of them could even pass a 6th grade end of year exam. Yet alone a college entrance exam. But they do get 500 points I believe for just etching their signature.

  • America FIRST✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

    According to CNN.
    Trump is at 1229 delegates. Almost there. No stopping the Trump Train now

    • legtingle

      America First: That is what I thought and was celebrating. Just heard that dolt Hugh Hewitt say THAT IT DOESN’T MATTER THAT TRUMP GETS THE MAGIC NUMBER. The Party can put another arsehole up for vote….THEY GET TO DECIDE WHO THE REP CANDIDATE WILL BE. I’m disgusted.

  • Joe Johnson

    I can’t really blame the low IQ affirmative action dancing monkey (Ed Ward) they sent on stage to disrupt the speech. I mean a low IQ monkey is going to act like an animal, thats his natural state. Ed Ward is too low in IQ to have a GED let alone a real college degree. Shows you how worthless a “liberal arts” degree has become these days when even a dancing monkey is given one by liberal universities.

    Im sure Soros gave this baboon a few shekels to disrupt the event.

    The biggest disgusting parts were due to:

    1) Security being told by the Depaul President to essentially stands down. This was a setup by Depaul University’s communist President to shut down Milo

    2) The Republican student “leadership” (blond chick) who told the Milo supporting younger guys to get off stage so the “cop would arrest everyone”. They were about to defend Milo and this fool essentially shut down the Milo supporters who were ready to confront the dancing monkey.

    Shame on Depaul.

  • MassInert

    What is the DePaul University policy on hate-crimes against LGBT persons?

    • It depends on who is doing the hating to whom. “Some animals are more equal than others”.

      • Joe Johnson

        Yes low IQ dancing monkeys apparently add “diversity” to the university despite not having the intellectual acumen to do basic arithmetic.

        Who needs mathematics, science, etc. when you can just major in gender studies or “african american studies”?

        • I really like my feminist drum circle class!

          • Joe Johnson

            Apparently low IQ monkeys trump the gay white male card in the SJW world.

            Maybe if we get a trans black guy next, we can up them?

            Or maybe we should just hire the Hell’s Angels or some other strong group to do real security?

        • C Michaels

          Yea they made up these supposed ‘studies’ to accommodate these illiterates who couldn’t pass the courses everyone else took.

  • C Michaels

    And what do the sucker parents pay to send their offspring to this leftest supposedly catholic university ?

    They are really getting scammed.

    • Joe Johnson

      The President of DePaul clearly was part of the scam. He told the security to stand down. The security would’ve taken that dancing monkey off stage really fast if it wasn’t for the orders to stand down.

      The dancing monkey was told by the University (and Soros group) to go on stage and shut the event down WITHOUT getting violent.

      The dancing monkey knew his limits that he couldn’t get violent or then the security would step in.

      He was told that security wouldn’t do anything if he just sat up there and took over the mic. It was clear the dancing monkey knew his limits and knew security wouldn’t step in.

      Milo will need real security in the future like Hell’s Angels or even some crowd people to handle it next time by boxing out this type of shit.

  • School motto – “I will show you the way of wisdom.”
    The exit?

    • MassInert

      Motto needs a do-over.
      Ego tibi demonstrabo viam stultitiae
      There, that’s is more reflective of this campus.

  • gotham1883

    I think the audience saw and heard what they needed to see and hear.

    • Not enough people seem to understand that.

      • You Know you thought the same.

        They do, but fear is a strong motivator of do noting say nothing.

  • You Know you thought the same.

    It’s a sad statement on where we are now that University’s have gone from bastions of free speech to bastions of Free speech for me but not for thee.
    “The purpose of a university is to make students safe for ideas–not ideas safe for students.”

  • Anonymousee

    As this is my alma mater, I too am dismayed by the lack of support by the administration and the hired security. I’m at a loss for words, and I cannot see supporting this school anymore. DePaul needs to support ALL their students and activities, not just the obviously one-sided folks who are violent and aggressive. Very very sad to see my school in the headlines like this.

  • Comrade Pootie

    This was the most shameful and disgraceful display of anti-democratic extremism I’ve seen in a while.

    No doubt Edward Ward will find it hard to get a decent job after adding this to a google search of his name. Empluyers tend to not hire aggressive and violent people who lack even the most basic manners.

    Using your freedom of speech to limit other people’s freedom of speech is anti.democratic, anti-intellectual and makes you the problem.,

    • legtingle

      The only way Ward has to make $$$ is “teaching” at a Leftist UNIV ….Perma Victim Studies or become a Reverend Scam Artist….Oh, seems that is his route already.

  • Mickey Finn

    Crybabies, take your diplomas, hang them on the bathroom wall, and go out and get your job as a burger flipper or community organizer. Who knows? you too could be elected POTUS and have your strings pulled by the powers that be. Good luck with that. What a bunch of knuckle-draggers!

  • C Michaels

    The college wannabees don’t appear to up yet. They must not hold classes at this farce of a college till the afternoon, for the ape set.

    • Ike Broflovski

      Hey?! It’s not easy sleeping on a pile of leaves in the middle of the jungle! They have to spend most of the day looking for food after they wake up, you know! You ever think of that? Huh???

  • bloatedfed

    “I personally believe the university should not continue with events that are this controversial,” Willett said. “I think they should try to stay a little more neutral. This creates a hostile environment for learning, and our students are not in the best spots right now. Student safety is first and foremost, and this is not productive”…So the soon-to-be EVP (I assume this to mean Executive Vice President of something or another) says that controversy should be avoided at the University…now there is a teaching point if ever there was one. Basically restated…the University should only allow speech that conforms to its liberal norms, because anything else apparently causes many “student” to lose their minds. Super. The level of ignorance of what this country is about is staggering..I’d recommend that the University stop ALL of this kind of stuff – dump the entire curriculum and lock “students” in classrooms with nothing but a copy of the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United states of America, and the Communist Manifesto not allowing a single of one them out until they can articulate (absent, whistles signs, or epithets – preferably in at least 4th grade level English grammar) the basic differences among them. What a sad indictment of our “higher education system”.

  • NorBdelta

    Surprised there are not Thought Police on campus, can you imagine if there were protests to against a black lives matter talk? There would be column to column coverage by every media outlet

  • Bekuzikan

    DePaul should be proud of their little monkeys… Gotta love affirmative action! So smart. Refund Milo the money he paid for “security”.
    Future events need private security firms like Blackwater.

  • Jake_in_Seoul

    Writing from South Korea where such infringement of freedom of speech of a prominent gay activist would never have happened. From here DePaul U. appears to be a closed, homophobic institution, that fears the free exchange of ideas. What foreign student will ever want to pay good money to attend such a bigoted university?!

    • Comrade Pootie

      This sure made international news! I’m from Norway, and a protest like this is simply unthinkable here. This goes for most of Europe as well. Most of us who have been around for a while recognize this type of behaviour from marxists back in the 60-70’s though.

      • C Michaels

        Well Oslo is overrun with Somalians and other vagrants, so they need to man up in Norway.

        • Comrade Pootie

          I live in Oslo. Born and raised. From an americans perspective, crime is still pretty much non-existant here. Any murder is national news for weeks. Native norwegians will be a minority in about 2025 though.

          • C Michaels

            But what about crime in regards to the norm in Norway before the vermin arrived.

          • Comrade Pootie

            To be honest, it’s a significant difference. Back in the mid 80’s we never locked the door to our apartment despite living on the ground floor, about a 5 minute walk from downtown Oslo. You could literally walk in from the streets, but nobody ever did. Today in the same building, you have to pass 2 locked metal gates to get to the back yard and all houses around are locked to the back yards and fenced in etc. It’s no longer a place for children to grow up.

            There’s also other things. Women had no reason to be afraid to go out after dark. There was no such thing as ambushed rape. Today a girl have to take precautions and be aware of her surroubdings when walking home from a nightclub etc. This development is not because of ethnic norwegians.

  • Ike Broflovski

    3 million african study majors applying for 61 job openings. Stupid people.

    • C Michaels

      Garbage men is what they’re good at.

      • Ike Broflovski

        They can maybe find some good loot and food at the same time!

      • RU_Serious

        Chicago garbage men make $90,000/yr in salary and bennies. Not bad work actually, doesn’t even require heavy lifting any more.

  • Derek_V

    Leftist fascism. Endorsed by the administration of DePaul.

  • Robby the Great

    Looks like DePaul U. needs to give back every goddåmn dollar the student group that orchestrated this event paid and the money that Milo paid. Give it all back since they did not provide what they were required to.

    • and start apologizing, HEAVILY.

      • Cameron

        The President released a statement saying the violence was Milo’s fault for having bad opinions and that he wants to institute mandatory GE classes for everyone concerning feminism and social justice. Not surprising, coming from a University that has a black supremacist, an Islamic fundamentalist who has expressed support for ISIS and Al Queda, and a Sociology professor who said the first amendment and free speech were deplorable concepts that reinforce systemic racism in the country on their faculty and administration.

    • legtingle

      And expel that midgetly $2 dancing crackhead ho. If she is a student (doubtful she made it out of 8th grade). I was thinking at one point she would put a bone through her nose and drag out a giant pot of boiling water to cook Milo in as a treat for the other savages on stage.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    “I personally believe the university should not continue with events that are this controversial,” Willett said. “I think they should try to stay a little more neutral. This creates a hostile environment for learning, and our students are not in the best spots right now. Student safety is first and foremost, and this is not productive”

    Well, that is an interesting way of saying not to include anyone who has a differing opinion than yours. Fact is, the school conned Breitbart out of $1000 for “security” then failed to deliver on that security. Those protesters physically threatened violence on Milo and they did nothing.

    • OMG!! Those poor students might get offended! Someone could even get their panties in a bunch!

  • John Reid

    Indiana University kissed any of my cash goodbye after Angela Davis spilled her hate on the campus in the 70’s.

  • Muzzlehatch

    Go fund me.

    Help Get My Degree

    Edward Ward


    $115 of $2,000

    Raised by 4 people in 2 months..

    Bit of panhandling there.

    • legtingle


  • iroots.org activism

    Increasingly, I think thoughtful liberals are even realizing that this isn’t ‘liberal.’ These SJW types have an almost religious ideology where perceived group grievences trump all other discourse. Think of actual oppression around the world, ISIS, caste systems (untouchables in India), on and on. This kind of ideology that equates speech as violence is embarassing and demeans actual violence in the world. Can’t really blame the young kids though, they are being taught this junk from professors. Those courses need (see profile/page) to be suspended.

  • Muzzlehatch

    May be Father Edward Ward and is mates in the De Paul staff room should
    get together for a show of ecumanism by throwing Milo off a building?

  • MassInert

    What’s the mood on campus this morning?

  • Matt Muchowski

    the conservative freakout over an advocate of harassment and
    discrimination having to face people speaking out against harassment and
    discrimination. When Ward Churchill came to campus conservatives made
    actual bomb threats against the school to try and cancel the speech.
    Tell me again about how liberals and minority students speaking out are
    the problem? This is a case where ‘more speech’ won. Unlike the times
    conservatives have actually historically suppressed speech on campus –
    by disqualifying liberals running for SGA for being ‘too political’, by
    testifying to HUAC, by supporting ‘loyalty oaths’ and trying to purge
    faculty who are insufficiently ‘patriotically correct’. Then, then is
    what the administration does – their history of discrimination against
    non-catholic speakers, a history of discrimination against non-white
    students, and a history of placing academic freedom beneath donors, and
    the private corporate interests of the board of trustees members.

    • RU_Serious

      This rambling stream of consciousness rant could be almost Orwellian if the writer had the ability to write in a coherent manner. Alas, it comes across as the rantings of a lunatic such as you’ll hear in the homeless camps under the Lakeshore Drive viaducts.

    • I’m sure your mommy is proud you can write such pure unadulterated wisdom from her basement, where you will most likely spend the rest of your incredibly worthless semi-existence.

    • Cameron

      I’m a liberal. Your generalizing false picture is debunked.

  • Elrond Hubbard

    I blame DePaul University for this disgrace; the administration will tolerate threats, intimidation and violence by any leftist group. The university is a co-conspirator in the campus turmoil.

  • Zimba Zumba

    Meeting breaking is the mark of a totalitarianism. They are no better than Brown Shirts.

  • SGT Ted

    The speech organizers should sue DePaul and the security detail for
    failing to protect their civil rights. Whoever was in charge of security
    needs to refund the money they were paid at the very least.

  • Val Schoonover

    Why are these protesters being characterized as thugs? They are DePaul student and alumni just like many of the commenters and readers of this article. Thankfully, no one was hurt during this protest. I neither read, saw, nor heard of any of the protesters being violent. They felt offended and ridiculed by the speaker, so they stood up to this. I don’t think it was DePaul’s responsibility to shut down this controversial event, instead, I would challenge DePaul’s College Republicans to choose a guest speaker who has something progressive and eloquent to say. They could have spent money to hire a politician or an activist and engage in a thoughtful dialogue that was inclusive to many different viewpoints- they chose a Perez-Hilton-esque conservative internet troll to represent their thoughts.

    • iggy

      Non violent you say? Care to explain away the BLM protester who shoved her fist into Milo’s face on stage… while he was sitting calmly? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unoBT8Te13g Also, no one was forced to attend this event, and you are basically suggesting that the DePaul students are not emotionally mature enough to deal with a speaker they deem as controversial. Lowering your expectations of DePaul students is a terrible idea. Eloquence is in the eye (or ear) of the beholder. The only violence being promoted or tolerated was by the DePaul protestors and the DePaul academic body for allowing violence to occur by not removing the persons on stage who were physically threatening and stealing the microphone from the organizers. The security was ordered to stand down by the administrators. DePaul.. you have a serious problem.. and your moral authority seems to be badly corrupted by political ideology.

    • RU_Serious

      And there you go, Val thinks the College Republicans should choose a “progressive” speaker. smh

    • stephenlight

      Ok. Let me know when I can drop by and shout at you, take the mic from you, and physically threaten you. Apparently you are completely ok with that…so yeah.

  • djm9063

    Correct his views?

  • djm9063

    The DePaulia is censoring the responses on here. Boycott DePaulia!

  • John

    They took a pic, but really anyone can make a poop swastika. Was probably an sjw that did it.

    • Cbomb

      Hadn’t seen it. I read that security noted it, but hadn’t seen the actual visual proof. Would have been nice if they collected a sample for dna

      • John

        Agreed on the dna! I don’t think security took the pic. Not sure the pic is even from a reliable source, but whatever.

  • Carl

    Why are you so afraid of different viewpoints and opinions? Isn’t that what diversity is all about? Sounds more like fascism to me.

  • MassInert

    $3,000 college security guard bill for the event, nada.
    Get a refund.

  • Carl


  • Alec Theora

    Shout down, suppress, disturb and make expensive last minute demands of anyone who is NOT a left wing fascist. Anyone who doesn’t fall in line with your perception of “Political Correctness” is inundated with assaults both [un]intellectual and physical. This is what kind of drone the university system is cloning for the future of NWO Amerika. No debate, no questioning the dictates of the politically correct leftist world. That’s the way DePaul handled this. The leftist gestapo only has to muster some threat of violence.. and lo and behold, there will be no dissenting voice allowed anymore on campus. See how it works? Today campus.. tomorrow za world!. Got the picture of what it is to be leftist totalitarian yet?

  • Nem

    Edward Ward is painted by this web site as an inspiring figure. The only thing he creates is more hate.

  • Publius72

    Are you serious? «“The university is reviewing events to determine whether any disciplinary action is warranted,” a spokeswoman said.» Not «to determine what disciplinary action is warranted» against student thugs and university employees clearly not doing their job. But «whether»?
    This is just shameful.

  • Robert T. Ives

    “I personally believe the university should not continue with events that are this controversial,” Willett said. “I think they should try to stay a little more neutral. This creates a hostile environment for learning, and our students are not in the best spots right now. Student safety is first and foremost, and this is not productive”

    Translation: Anything “I” do not like is controversial, that is, it should not be allowed. I only feel safe in an echo chamber.

  • Val

    I wouldn’t call protesters thugs. The word thug has a connotation of gang violence and crime. It’s not a crime to protest!

    • John

      Val, I’m not sure you are getting my point. Yes, we agree its not a crime to protest. And yest, being a protester doesn’t make you a thug.

      There are two protesters in particular that are being characterized as thugs, and they are not being characterized as thugs because they were protesting.

      They are being characterized as thugs because of their specific actions, and their specific tactics.

      One of them threatened to attack Milo when Milo (a gay man) made a joke about being sexually attracted to on of the protesters (a homophobic thug).

      Another leaned in and took a swing at Milo, while screeching challenges and threats to him.

      There is variation in what different people consider ‘thuggish’ behavior – the above two actions were criminal, despicable actions and a product of a culture and mindset of violence and criminality. They behaved as thugs. Everyone really should agree with this, its not controversial.

      Not everyone will agree with this next part: I’d go farther and say that using whistles and shouts to prevent civil discourse is thuggish behavior. Deciding that there are ideas that are allowed and ideas which are not allowed, and that anything goes in the quest to censor other’s speech – that is also thuggish behavior.

  • Coach

    This was a shameful disgusting display of what it looks like when grown children throw a temper tantrum. Please… please… come try that in my neck of the woods.

  • peut-etre pas

    Except that the one girl assaulted Yiannopoulos. Protest away, I’m even okay that they interrupted, but the girl who assaulted him should not just be brushed off. And if Ward fomented that anger and violence, he should be arrested–speech that compels violence is not protected.

  • wotow

    DePaul is in a free fall, they are censoring the comments!

  • wotow

    Parents, pull your kids and your Money from this 1st Amendment hating school.

    Alumni be sure to tell them your thoughts on eliminating free speech.

    Boycott all things DePaul. Shut them down.

    Let them reap what they have sown.

  • wotow

    My Children will not be attending this University.
    And my best friend is an Alumni.

  • James Beden

    Congrats, your school is now a laughing stock to all reasoned people.

  • Bob Klosak

    This is actually pretty good reporting for the Depaulia. I have seen far more liberal bias in the past. Although a few paragraphs do start to lean left it is pretty good overall.

  • farkennel

    DePaul should be feeling the heat from conservative contributors right about now.

  • Cameron

    Sargon’s petition is looking more and more on the money.

  • Joe Force

    ” Within 24 hours, Al Sharpton and his minions would descend on DePaul’s campus like a swarm of locusts.”

    More like termites eating at the foundation of this country. Sick the IRS on him.. oh wait . .

  • Nunja Bidnuss

    No excuse for the university to not intervene. Absolutely disgusting. DePaul should be ashamed and you should NOT let your children go to a school that caves in to authoritarian bullies like these BLM thugs. Good luck DePaul you will end up like Mizzou.

  • hellsing3000

    This is so foolish. Depaul NEEDS to be sued on grounds of biased treatment as well as defrauding students of promised services. You don’t have to be a republican to see that something should have been done. These people were having a discussion and it should not be censored by the school or by BLM movement. Its almost as if the school was implicit in having these misguided kids to interrupt and bully these people into submission for having different views than their own.

    My problem is that trying not to offend someone seems to be more important than common sense. I thought if someone goes up and disrupts something then. Folks this is what censorship and oppression actually looks like. I haven’t seen any reports by CNN/MSNBC or any of them on this. People don’t have to come to see any of these people speak but they come. You don’t have to go to these things. They can exist in obscurity. These people were not trying to prove why their ideology is right and the other is wrong. They only seek to censor and bully. Why don’t Milo and the college republicans deserve a safe uninterrupted space to speak about their opinions?

  • Fullname J Warrington

    Anyone who saw Evan Coyne Maloney’s “Indoctrinate U” from about ten years ago probably isn’t surprised by what’s going down on campuses these days, and how it’s only getting worse.