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4 signs it’s time for you to graduate from DePaul


There’s never a better time to ponder what you’re doing with your life then when one of your former classmates is now a guest speaker in another class two years later. There I was, sitting without a job lined up for the fall, and there he was:  the next member of “Spotlight,” or whatever.

My case is this dude already had a pretty successful job, he’s killing it and I chose to do the five-year program.

I’ve been here too long.

But besides former classmates now being guest speakers, here are other signs that if you’re like me — whether it’s concluding your fifth or fourth year — you need to move on from college as soon as possible

1. When you walk down Kenmore Avenue near the library, you recognize no one smoking

I’ve never been one to smoke — I’ve been told I’m not cool enough — but a lot of the people I met freshman year often hung out there. As the years passed, I’d see people that I’d slightly know and give the cordial “sup” nod to them.

Now, there’s no one.

2. They know your order at Brownstones before you even have to say it

It’s been four years and you still have the same damn order every time: everything bagel with extra plain cream cheese and coffee.  You’ve graduated from meal plan money to your hard earned cash, but it’s just something about that bagel. Or maybe it’s the cream cheese.

3. You have no idea where anything is in the Student Center

Why the hell are you serving me a burrito? I just want a sandwich because I’m on the go and I don’t have time to walk to Snarf’s. Where did the sandwich place go? And what happened to the DDR machine? Why are people studying? I just want to see someone play DDR while I eat. Is that so hard?

4. Songs and movies from freshman year have a different meaning to some people

What do you mean you loved “Firework” by Katy Perry at the end of your middle school graduation? Oh my god.

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