Photos: President Obama drives through DePaul’s Lincoln Park campus

Photo slideshow of President Obama driving through DePaul’s Lincoln Park campus.

All photos by Arthur Ortiz.

CHICAGO (AP) – President Barack Obama is headed back to Washington after attending a pair of fundraisers for the Democratic National Committee and a private dinner with Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod.

Obama was the draw at a Wednesday round table at a restaurant hosted by Mesirow Financial Chairman and CEO Richard Price where about 25 attended, paying up to $32,400. Later, Obama attended a dinner at the home of a major donor and fundraiser for about 55 people who donated up to $10,000.

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn greeted the president at O’Hare International Airport after his plane touched down Wednesday afternoon.

The president’s visit wasn’t without a little drama. One protester yelling “Obama is a war criminal” tackled a television reporter as he was giving an on-air report.