DePaul Naperville campus to close

Pizza Prez 10/24
Provost Marten denBoer announced today DePaul’s Naperville campus will close in Aug. 2017.

denBoer’s email to the DePaul faculty states this decision was made following “a comprehensive review focused on analyzing enrollment trends” over the last several months.

“Students will be individually advised by their respective college offices as to the plans to assist them to complete their programs,” said denBoer in his email.

The Naperville campus first opened at 150 W. Warrenville Rd. in 1997. By 1999, students were collectively taking more than 24,600 credit hours.  As of the fall 2015 quarter, enrollment had dropped exponentially down to just more than 700 credit hours.

denBoer said this decrease also happens to coincide with an increase in online course and program offerings at DePaul.

“In short, one form of making an education easily accessible has supplanted another,” he said.

The Naperville campus will continue to operate through June 2017, but classes for the summer quarters will no longer be offered at the location.

“DePaul is deeply grateful to the Naperville community and to all who have worked in this location over the past 20 years for the excellent service they provide to our students,” said denBoer in his email.

The university was not immediately available for comment.