Report: Shane Heirman joining DePaul men’s basketball staff


Jon Rothstein of CBS Sports and Steve Newhouse of reported on Sunday that Shane Heirman, head coach of prep school La Lumiere, will join the DePaul men’s basketball staff as an assistant coach.

Heirman led La Lumiere to a 76-7 record during his tenure, including a national championship this past season. He has coached two current DePaul players Al Eichelberger and Brandon Cyrus, both graduates from La Lumiere. DePaul has been active with other La Lumiere players with offers out to Brian Bowen (class of ’17) and Tyger Campbell (class of ’19).

Newhouse also reported that Heirman will replace current assistant coach Patrick Sellers.

The move has not yet been officially announced by DePaul.