St. Vincent’s DeJamz

Winter usually keeps people stuck inside, staying near the heating vent and praying for warm summer days. But every once in a while people break away and venture into the great outdoors to trek through the wet streets and bask in the gray skies of Chicago. Not everyone likes the sounds of honking cars so grab your headphones and listen to these smooth beats while you layer up. This playlist captures those quiet melodic moods that come with winter walks.



1. “Deadbeat Boy” – Avalon

This song is the best pick-me-up to start your walk. “Deadbeat Boy” features vocals that don’t overpower the interesting beat of the song, instead giving a little extra something to an otherwise electronic-heavy song. This song will get you hyped up and get your feet moving, while also matching the melancholy mood of the outside winter weather. The consistency within the song will steady your pace as you wind through side streets and crosswalks.





2. “Noise Pollution” – Portugal. The Man

Portugal. The Man took off with their hit song “Feel It Still,” but they offer up a wide array of songs featuring lead singer John Gourley’s unique voice over a catchy beat. “Noise Pollution” is no exception to the usual list of bops that Portugal plays. This song is great for a winter walk because of its simple beat that lines up well with the pace of boots-to-pavement, plus lyrics that will get stuck in your head as you make your way through the city.





3. “Me, You and Everybody”  – Gomez

This song says “I’ve got a timeless melody,” and it’s evident that it rests in this 2004 song from indie-rock group Gomez. This song is slow enough to accompany winter vibes, while still fast enough to comfortably walk to. The lyrics itself are also interesting, intertwined with goodbyes to a lover with lines like, “I’ve got a hopeless memory/ That you’ll remember me.” This song is best enjoyed while walking through a park on a cold day.






4. “Warm on a Cold Night”- HONNE

This is literally named to be enjoyed on a cold night. It starts off with a radio host announcing the next song, and the rest of the song is as interesting as the beginning. Beautifully crafted with metaphors sung by the electronic duo, this song is the perfect mix of romance and longing. While the beat matches the footfalls of a slow walk in the city, the lyrics are perfect for the simplicity of nature that comes during the long winter months.