St. Vincent’s DeJamz

And just like that, another astrological season is upon us. In keeping with commemorating each season of the zodiac with its own playlist, this week honors all you Pisces. Pisces are by nature sensitive, thoughtful and introspective; they are often  lost in thought and they definitely remember every single time their feelings have been hurt. Famous Pisces include Rihanna (often considered the anti-Pisces), Fred Rogers, Steve Jobs, and our very own Keira Wingate and Patsy Newitt. Prepare to experience some ~vibes~ and happy Pisces season to all!



All Apologies – Nirvana 


“Heart-Shaped Box,” another track from “In Utero,” literally begins with the lyrics “She eyes me like a Pisces when I am weak.” While that song has a more clear connection to astrology, it is too angry and sarcastic to match the more tranquil energy of a Pisces like Kurt Cobain. This song is highly introspective, with the lyrics consisting of a series of unanswered rhetorical questions. It is also the 12th and final song of the album, just like how Pisces rounds off the  zodiac as the 12th sign. 



Baby – Justin Bieber


Remember how I said Pisces probably keep a tally of every time they’ve been hurt? This song exemplifies that mood better than almost any other. Hearing a pre-pubescent Justin Bieber, himself a Pisces, singing to his pre-teen girlfriend that he “thought [she’d] always be [his]” is the level of high Pisces sensitivity that we love them for. After listening to this song as an adult, the song’s melodrama and slight desperation are evocative of Pisces’ deep emotional core and how they cannot let any feelings go unannounced.  



Dreams – Fleetwood Mac


If you follow astrology, you know that one of the most commonly used words to describe a Pisces is “dreamy.” I literally have no idea what that means, but this is one of the best songs of all time, so it’ll do. While the name is a little on the nose, the serene, yet melancholy vibe of this song is unmatched. Publicly airing dirty laundry with an ex through an effortlessly cool song feels appropriate for a Pisces and is a vibe I aspire to. 



‘39- –Queen


This song radiates bittersweet energy, evoking excitement and fear, love and loneliness. This song feels like a going-away party when one simultaneously basks in the warmth of friendship and the sadness of being apart. Pisces are known for being aware of the feelings of others, and this song is evocative of a bittersweet farewell, where everyone is happy to have gone on a journey but sad to see it come to an end. 



I Will –  The Beatles 


In what is arguably the greatest love song of all time, the feeling of being overwhelmed by affection is expressed in the simplest of terms. In addition to being deeply emotional, I find Pisces to be incredibly sincere, almost unwilling to be dishonest with people on how they feel about them. This song lays all the cards on the table of being in love and does so in a way that feels nothing but genuine.