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Lorde played later in day to a large crowd on the first day of Lollapalooza. (Courtney Jacquin / The DePaulia)

Do you feel a chill in the air? That’s not the changing of the weather — it’s Scorpio season. Even if you’re not well-versed in astrology, you’ve probably heard of Scorpios. Often thought to be the most intense sign of the zodiac, they are passionate, ambitious, and independent — if slightly possessive and jealous.

Famous Scorpios include Kris Jenner, Leonardo DiCaprio, Katy Perry, Frank Ocean and Lorde. Scorpios on staff include Print Managing Editor Ella Lee and Copy Editor Ryan Gilroy!


Power & Control- MARINA

This was one of my favorite songs in high school; I would listen to it and momentarily assume the vibe of someone comfortable being assertive before reality came poking its head in. This song gives off a confident and slightly dangerous feeling, as if sublimely saying “tread lightly.” Featuring excellent harmonies and slick production, it is a perfect power anthem. 


Blank Space- Taylor Swift 

Scorpios have a reputation for being slightly obsessive and emotional, and this song turns that vibe to 11. While intended to be a farce of Swift’s own public image, this song captures a Scorpio’s all-or-nothing perspective on life. Either you are in, or you are out, and they will make the distinction very clear. One of Swift’s sharpest singles, this song makes for a great listen, no matter your sign. 


All My Life- Foo Fighters

Fun fact: Scorpios don’t walk, they make beelines. They are incredibly goal-oriented, with this track exemplifying that perfectly. There is a level of raucous energy to the track that makes me want to face life head-on and take down anyone that gets in my way — but I don’t ever follow through with it. Some other time. 


Writer in the Dark- Lorde

If “Blank Space” is a satire of an emotionally intense girlfriend, “Writer in the Dark” is the reality. Off of Lorde’s sophomore masterpiece “Melodrama”— itself a Scorpio dissertation — this song more accurately reflects the lengths Scorpios will go to for the ones they love. Full of gut-punch lyrics (“Break the news, you’re walking out/To be a good man for someone else” is particularly devastating), this song sticks with you long after it ends; classic Scorpio move. 


Killer- Phoebe Bridgers

Scorpios are often stereotyped as macabre and gloomy — their season taking place during Halloween certainly doesn’t help squash the association. This song explores the fascination with the dark side, incorporating a level of emotional vulnerability that every Scorpio has buried within. Featuring tender vocals, haunting lyrics, and an overall intimate feel, I dare you not to be moved by this song.