Vincentian Service Scholarship connects students to community, city

The Division of Mission and Ministry is offering the Vincentian Service Scholarship for the 2021-2022 school year, encouraging rising sophomores for that academic year to apply.

There are around 25 scholars in the cohort each year and this year, scholars can be awarded up to $6,000 per academic year. The deadline to apply for the scholarship is Feb. 21.

The scholarship is offered to current first year students across any college. 

The Division of Mission and Ministry is looking for scholars who are interested in engaging in community service and spirituality and connecting that with campus involvement, the application page notes. It also will connect students to the DePaul community and Chicago. 

The Vincentian Service scholarship comes in two parts. The first is an application via Scholarship Connect and the second is a Service Engagement requirement due by the end of winter quarter 2021.

“The scholarship is specifically meant to help students who are in their first year at DePaul who are trying to make sure they can stay at DePaul and apply for funding for scholarships that they might not otherwise get,” said Katie Sullivan, the ministry coordinator at the Division of Mission and Ministry, who oversees the scholarship. 

The Vincentian Service Scholarship is eligible for students who have at least a 2.7 GPA, have financial needs and have currently completed between 44 to 88 credit hours. 

The application process for the Vincentian Service Scholarship involves completing this online scholarship application as well as participating in service engagement with the Division of Mission and Ministry.” reads the application page

Some of the service engagement activities include being a part of Wellness Circles with DePaul’s Community Peacemakers and Department of Health Promotion and Wellness. Others include participating in DePaul Vincentian’s in Action (VIA) weekly meetings on Mondays and Fridays, attending virtual conversations from the Ozanam Cafe and going to Meet Me at the Mission Winter Quarter events. 

Sullivan explained the Vincentian Service scholarship was derived from the DePaul leadership scholars in years past. Student leaders Linette Sanchez and Sadie Fisher, both juniors at DePaul, shared their experiences as scholars. 

In her sophomore year, Sanchez attended a service immersion retreat where she and her Vincentian Service Scholars cohort volunteered at a food garden on the South Side of Chicago, aiming to alleviate the food desert problems those neighborhoods face. 

“I had done service before, but it was transformative how I learned that I really loved doing service in community, reflecting on our service to see the bigger picture and helping others,” Sanchez said. 

Fisher said she enjoys how being a Vincentian Service Scholar helps her connect with the DePaul and Chicago communities and get to know those who she’s helping. She also explained how she enjoys learning about the Vincentian mission and history and connecting with other scholars. 

“It’s given me a great group of people to learn from and connect with, and was one of the first groups on campus where I felt like I belonged,” Fisher said.