St. Vincent’s DeJamz


(Graphic by Max Kleiner / The DePaulia)

Various things in pop culture tend to be underrated, and music isn’t an exception. Many songs are gems and they aren’t getting the appreciation they deserve. Here are the underappreciated songs that are heavy in my rotation.

Gangsta — Kat Dahlia

This gritty song features Kat Dahlia fiercely reminiscing on her rough upbringing. I remember seeing the music video to this song for the first time when I was middle school and I couldn’t get it out of my head. The song is still in my rotation today and I still know every single word — I rap along as if it’s my life being described in the song.

310 — Qveen Herby

Qveen Herby is the familiar name and face as she was half the pop duo, Karmin. Now rebranded as a pop-rap solo artist, Qveen Herby goes for a melodic rap vibe in this song. She raps about the life she lives and the one she inspires to live in the near future. Knowing her growth from Karmin to now has “310” hitting quite differently.

Face of My City — Jack Harlow ft Lil Baby

One of the songs off of his 2020 album, “Face of My City” has Jack Harlow gloating about his success. He puts the city on his back as he goes in about the luxuries of his success. The feature from Lil Baby is the cherry on top as he himself has “come out of the mud” as many would say.

Imagination — Star Cast

“Star” was a show on Fox that ran for three seasons before it was officially cancelled in 2019. The show featured two half-sisters, Star Davis and Simone Davis, as they navigate the music industry after escaping the foster care system. They moved to Atlanta with Alex Crane, a wealthy girl who was the child of a famous singer, who Star had met through Instagram. The trio lived with Carlotta, a woman who was in a girl group with Star and Simone’s mother. The music from this show is a gem and more people should look into it. “Imagination” is one of my favorite songs from the show’s tracklist and has been part of my personal tracklist since its corresponding episode aired.

Games — Demi Lovato

Every time this song comes on, I can’t help but sing along. This isn’t the lead single Demi’s “Tell You Love Me” album, but I feel it could’ve been. The upbeat song follows Demi as they set boundaries with someone who’s playing with their heart. Belting this song can easily boost one’s confidence as it gives the hand to the douches trying to impede on your personal peace.

She’s So Gone — Naomi Scott

This heartfelt song comes from the soundtrack of “Lemonade Track,” a Disney movie about a group of misfits making a band. Scott’s character, Mo, sings this song in tribute to her personal evolution. At the beginning of the movie, Mo was this quiet girl who hid behind her boyfriend. After joining this band, she’s finally found her voice and she’s belting it out in this song.