St. Vincent’s DeJamz


It’s that time of the year again! Cuffing season has begun and nothing is better than making a playlist full of cheesy love songs. If you are unfamiliar with the term, cuffing season is the period of time in late October early November when people start to get into relationships. It’s commonly known to correlate with the holiday season so you aren’t alone for the big 3; Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. This DeJamz is all about the beginning of relationships and the process of getting “cuffed.” When I think of the beginning of relationships I always relate it to classic love songs as shown in this DeJamz.

Is you or is you (aint) my baby- Dinah Washington

“I wanna walk up to your gate and see if we can make this straight.” A very blatant question carried through generations of women tired of waiting to be asked out. Dinah is basically asking “so what are we?”, the epitome question before the relationship starts. The big jazz band, the strong vocals it’s hard not to love this version from Dinah.

It had to be you- Frank Sinatra

Giving “When Harry Met Sally” vibes, Sinatra portrays a whole new side of the beginning of a relationship. “It’s new but I also always knew it was going to be you” trope is very famous in classic rom-coms. Hence, I feel  it would be ridiculous not to include Frank Sinatra when talking about honeymoon fever as nobody says it quite like Frankie.

A Sunday kind of love- Etta James

Etta James is not down for tinder hookups and ghosting. She wants the real relationship and this song eloquently portrays her expectations before getting together. We love a woman who knows what she wants and James’ hypnotic voice carries us into a dream like the end of a Disney movie.

Put your head on my shoulder – Paul Anka

High school romance and puppy love come to mind whenever I hear this song. You’ll want to slow dance with someone to this song. The nervous tension before asking her out, simple and tender acts of kindness to show you care all wrapped into one song. “Maybe you and I will fall in love.” In just a few simple lines Anka perfectly reflects the ideas of your first love and the start of relationships.

If I give my heart to you (will you handle it with care) – Doris Day and The Mellomen.

The constant reassurance to want the beginning of the relationship to stay the same and never waiver. Day describes in this song how she doesn’t want to date unless he’s true and throughout the song tells him she won’t give her heart until he promises to handle it with care. I feel this portrays the importance of how so many relationships start perfect but soon stop giving each other the attention needed to keep the relationship happy.