Man arrested for punching female student on DePaul’s Loop campus on Tuesday


Eric Henry

DePaul is currently one of only 23 percent of private American universities that does not offer its students health insurance.

Chicago Police apprehended a man who punched a female student in the face on DePaul’s Loop campus.

The student was walking east on Jackson Boulevard at Wabash Avenue at 12:15 p.m. when the unidentified man, who was wearing black pants, a ribbed navy blue jacket, white gym shoes with horizontal red stripes on the side and a backwards baseball hat, struck her in the face, DePaul Public Safety said in an email.

The man continued walking east on Jackson towards Michigan Avenue, and some time after, was apprehended by police.

Just over a month into 2022, battery in the Loop is up 90 percent from this time last year, according to Chicago Police Department data. This year to date, there have been 21 cases of aggravated battery in the area, while last year, there were just 11. 

Citywide, there has been a 9 percent uptick, with 38 more reported cases of battery this year to date than last year.

Later on Tuesday afternoon, Public Safety also reported that a female DePaul student was walking out of a 7-11 on Jackson and Wabash at 4:45 p.m. when she was approached and harassed by a man. The man grabbed her hand to hold it, tried to hug her and then laid his head on her shoulder.

The offender is described as a young man, 5’7″ tall, with brown hair wearing a black hat and coat.

Including Tuesday’s incidents, students, faculty and staff have received six public safety alerts in 2022.

On Feb. 3, DePaul Public Safety notified the campus community of a man who, on several occasions, approached women on campus, made vulgar, derogatory remarks and then spat on them. The man targeted women on both Loop and Lincoln Park campuses.  

On Jan. 14, Public Safety notified DePaulians of a case of aggravated battery and robbery that took place at 9:14 p.m. the night before on the CTA Red Line platform at Jackson and State. Three victims were stabbed and robbed by two unknown male offenders. 

And on Jan. 9, two related incidents occurred: At 2:45 p.m., a man attempted to rob the 7-11 just two blocks from the Loop campus, at 535 S. State St. A few minutes later, a man pulled a handgun at the Wingstop around the corner, 12 E. Harrison St., and took an unknown amount of money from the register.

Students, faculty and staff also received an alert on Jan. 3, when a strong-armed robbery was committed on the Red Line near Jackson Boulevard. 

In total, criminal complaints in CPD District 1, where the Loop campus is located, have risen 158 percent from this time in 2021. 

Citywide, and in Lincoln Park, this increase is less severe. So far in 2022, CPD District 18, where Lincoln Park is located, ​​has seen 106 more criminal complaints than last year. The city overall has seen a 26 percent increase.