Editor’s picks: The best media from 2022

While the task of selecting the best media from 2022 may be daunting, we cannot ignore exactly how bountiful this year has been in terms of iconic releases. From books, to movies, to television and of course music, there is bound to be something for everyone to enjoy amid the endless stream of content distributed this year. 


“The Familia Grande” by Camille Kouchner – Lilly Keller

Beginning with her mother’s death, Kouchner’s memoir tackles the antagonizing reality of speaking out about abuse within one of France’s most wealthy and powerful families. Through 200 pages, Kouchner, who now practices law, documents the relationship between her political scientist step father, Oliver Duhamel, and her twin brother, but also crafts a narrative much deeper than a step father who abuses power. Both gut-wrenching and powerful, Kouchner leaves no stone unturned in her forthright account of family dysfunction, abuse and realization. 

“The Metamorphosis of Robert Pattinson” – Written by Daniel Riley – Photos by Jack Bridgeland – Jonah Weber

Okay, I’ll admit that I did not really read any groundbreaking books in 2022. I did however read a really interesting profile on Robert Pattinson. I can’t ever remember a time that I really cared about Pattinson. Growing up, my emo brother loved the Twilight books and movies, but I thought they were annoying. It wasn’t until I heard he was cast as Batman that his more recent roles in films caught my attention. Daniel Riley spends an entire day with Pattinson, wandering around London. They start their interview at a public zoo, then go to a pub, and back to an apartment. Hearing Pattinson’s transformation from the shiny vampire and a wizard who dies to the deeper, intense roles he plays now is fascinating. For any Arts & Life reader, I highly recommend this profile piece. 

TV shows:

“Interview with the Vampire” – Lilly Keller 

Despite never picking up an Anne Rice book, I was absolutely floored by AMC’s adaptation of the first of Rice’s thirteen-book series. Centering on themes of race and queerness, IWTV does not shy away from traditionally taboo subjects.  If you’re looking for something campy, complex and, at times, straight up poignant, this is the show for you. Plus, it’s got sexy vampires. I’m serious, go watch it. You will not regret it.

“House of the Dragon” – Jonah Weber

When I think of television that came out in 2022, I think past all the Marvel and Star Wars media that came out on Disney+ every week. While it did have somewhat of a chokehold on me, House of the Dragon blew me away. Admittedly, I could never really get into the Game of Thrones show. I think I may have gotten to season four? I somewhat reluctantly started House of the Dragon, thinking I would feel the same. I was so wrong. After finishing the first episode, I was totally enthralled. The way the dragons look, the cinematography, the writing, and the casting are all insane! Matt Smith is so weird and suspicious. Olivia Cooke and Paddy Considine are my other two favorites. 


“Everything Everywhere all at Once” – Lilly Keller

If you have not seen this movie, I am convinced you’re living under a rock. Few movies have made me cry as hard as this one did. Though it probably didn’t help that I was watching it with my mom. Perhaps what I love most is that amid all the beautiful chaos at its core, “Everything Everywhere all at Once” is a composition of profound love and profound acceptance that will leave you in shambles. 

“The Batman” – Jonah Weber

Even more Robert Pattinson? Yes. As a long time Batman fan, I was stoked to hear Matt Reeves was writing and directing a film. No other Batman movie has truly captured the essence of being “The World’s Greatest Detective” quite like this one. We actually see Bruce Wayne doing detective work. The film’sre is a super creepy Riddler, Paul Dano, is an absolute freak in the best way. Zoe Kravitz? Phenomenal Catwoman. Every scene and every  shot of this film is amazing. The lighting, with hues of reds and oranges is astounding. The way characters move across the screen, it’s all incredible. I am personally very excited to see where Reeves and Pattinson take this story. 


“Preacher’s Daughter” – Ethel Cain – Lilly Keller 

If there is one thing about me, it is that I love a concept album. Over the course of thirteen songs, Cain presents an introspective narrative from the afterlife, recounting the life, death and eventual cannibalization of a girl at the hands of a lover. If you have any religious trauma (it’s not a requirement to enjoy the album but will enhance the experience), or are just looking for gorgeous vocals and songs about Jesus’s neglect, then this album is for you. 

 “Lowest Form Of Animal” – Kublai Khan TX – Jonah Weber

Of all the music that came out in 2022, this is the one album I could not stop listening to. I think when it comes to hardcore music, it can be hard to stand out from the rest. Kublai Khan TX always does though, especially with this album. The sounds are incredibly raw and heavy. They rattle your bones and make you wanna throw elbows in a pit. There are simple, yet important, samples sprinkled throughout, like on the first track, “Swan Song”. The first song is about recognizing and protecting the sex workers who work on Highway 80 in Iowa. Kublai Khan TX is going to lead the hardcore scene in 2023, and I personally cannot wait for it.