Gordon Tech College Prep announces DePaul College Prep name change

Gordon Tech College Prep board of directors announced plans to change the name of the school to DePaul College Prep in a press release Wednesday.

According to the press release, the name change will become effective this summer. The school’s board of directors voted on the name change at its meeting Tuesday.

Located at the intersection of Addison Street and California Avenue, DePaul College Prep’s campus will be known as the “Fr. Gordon Campus.” The board also voted to establish a Fr. Francis Gordon Endowed Scholarship Fund “for family members of Gordon Tech alumni” and a Heritage Committee to “maintain the heritage of Gordon Tech at the school.”

The school’s mascot of the “Ram” and symbolic color of orange will remain, but the board “will consider adding another color to represent the future direction of the school.”

The Congregation of the Resurrection (CR), the founders and Catholic sponsors of the school will continue sponsorship while the governance of the school remains with the lay Board of Directors.

DePaul’s academic partnership with Gordon Tech began in 2012 to “help enhance the school’s academic curriculum in 2012” and “to build on improvements previously introduced by the school’s current administration.” The press release states the name change “reflects the unique academic partnership between Gordon Tech, which opened in 1952, and DePaul University, the largest Catholic university in the nation.”

“The new name reflects the heritage of Gordon Tech and the substantial academic support provided by DePaul which, importantly, builds on the stability, leadership and foundation brought to the school by the current administration and faculty,” Dia S. Weil, chairperson of Gordon Tech’s Board of Directors, said. “We are thrilled to continue to move ahead and to further strengthen Catholic education in Chicago.”

DePaul University President Fr. Dennis Holtschneider said that DePaul is “honored to assist in this important endeavor to strengthen Catholic education in Chicago.”

A “Frequently Asked Questions” section of Gordon Tech’s website further states DePaul will not take ownership of the school or the building as “the CRs and the Board entered into a 10-year lease of the building and grounds” in 2012.