Not another sad Dejamz


Love it or hate it, Valentine’s day characterizes the month of February for many. Personally, I consider the holiday to be a little overrated, but maybe that’s just because I can no longer afford a bag of Ghirardelli chocolate squares. Furthermore, I would rather listen to singers sing about their romantic anguish than listen to another cheesy love song, leading us to another one of my genius playlists. 

You’ve made it to the right place if you’re like me and can’t bear to listen to another love song. Below are my favorite sad love songs, or as I like to call them, another reason to hate famous men.

“Moon Song” – Phoebe Bridgers 

I’m going to be so real. I rarely listen to this song anymore because it’s a little too relatable. Oozing with misery and heartache, Bridgers illustrates the ruthless cycle of caring for somebody who doesn’t love themselves and the inability to leave. If I ever willingly select this song, just know the demons are winning. 

“Cellophane” – FKA Twigs

Yeah, I’m going there. F**k you, Robert Pattinson. I mean, do you hear the absolute anguish in her voice? There is no way we can let him walk free. If you want more suffering, I recommend the music video because it is stunning. 

“First Love/Late Spring” – Mitski 

This song causes my chest to physically ache. The dichotomy of first love with a late spring makes me sick. I want her to unwrite this. We already know Mitski is a lyrical genius, but she was insane for this song in particular. I mean, “so please hurry, leave me, I can’t breathe” and “one word from you and I would jump off of this ledge I’m on.” Somebody find Mitski’s mailing address so I can send her my next therapy bill. 

“Space Song” – Beach House 

Another song I actively avoid listening to. I’m not kidding when I say I have un-liked this song and deleted every playlist it was on because I cannot stand to hear it. Every memory tied to this song took place during the worst time of my life, so whenever I hear the opening chords, it’s like I’m 17 again and at rock bottom. Good times!

“You Get Me So High” – The Neighborhood

The definition of gut-wrenching. I cannot tell you the number of times I have cried over this song because it was included in a sad Instagram edit. On a scale of banging my head against the wall to trashing my bedroom in a dystopian rage, I’ve got to say that ripping everything out of my closet and throwing my pillows across the room sounds lovely right about now.