Letter from the Editors: ‘Latine’ is not a misspelling


Latino, Latina, Hispanic, Latinx, Latina/o, Latin@, Latin, Latine… There are many words used to refer to our community. Amid so much controversy and confusion, as publications that write in Spanish and about the Latino community, La DePaulia and The DePaulia have decided to use the term “Latine” (Lah-tee-nay). We explain why.

Our publications seek to use a term that is as inclusive as possible. Latine achieves this without feeling like a term borrowed from another language.

The ‘e’ at the end of word has been adopted by LGBTQ+ and feminist spaces in various Latin American countries to embrace non-gender conforming individuals. 

Although the term “Latinx” has also been inclusive towards gender non-binary people, it has been rejected by some circles recently.

Going forward, we will use the term Latine in most cases while still respecting those who identify as Latino/a/x and referring to them as such. 

We acknowledge this is an important topic and are open to dialogue with readers. 

As language continues to evolve, we strive as a publication to be cognizant of the various experiences we report on. As journalists, we recognize the power behind words and choose to create a future that is inclusive.