Unlistenable DeJamz


Have you ever heard a song that is so good you want to put it on repeat? These are not those songs. Grating, loud and unnatural, this curated playlist is bound to make you nauseous. Don’t ask us how we found these uncertified bangers. We’ll never tell. Now put on your headphones, and get ready to experience Dante’s Modern Inferno.

“Woodpecker No. 1” – Merzbow – Lilly Keller

Words cannot describe the cacophony that is “Woodpecker No. 1.” A harmonious blend of static and ear-piercing screams, this song has become a staple for noise music fans. What would I give to see this song live, am I right? If I ever fall into a coma, put a speaker next to my ear and play this on full blast.

“Part 1” – Masonna – Lilly Keller 

It’s always a good morning when “Part 1” graces my ears. So few words are spoken through this 1997 composition, yet so much is conveyed. If you truly want to get the full experience of listening to this song, I suggest you set it as your alarm. You’ll feel absolutely fantastic and probably taste blood when its metallic pulse jolts you from your dreams.

“Novmmbr Aign” – Malade De Souci – Quentin Blais

If you’re looking for a reason to claw your eardrums out of your head, look no further than “Novmmbr Aign.” I had to listen to this song so many times as I wrote this review that I’m basically immune to its nauseating percussion. If mind-numbing disorder in music is your thing, I recommend listening to it.

“Ripper Victims III” – Sutcliffe Jügend – Quentin Blais

One time I walked into the contemporary section at the Art Institute and I listened to the ambient noise of a garbage can being kicked down a street for 10 minutes. “Ripper Victims III” is not quite like that, but the garbage can sound is the closest real-world comparison I can give to the grating assault that will be waged on your ears. 

“Jumpskins” – Graham Lambkin – Lilly Keller & Quentin Blais

How do you feel about people who mouth breath? Personally, we can’t get enough! Sounding like the opener to a snuff film, “Jumpskins” radiates with nostalgic ambiance. Every time this song comes on, I (Lilly) am transported back to the sunny days of my childhood when a stranger repeatedly called my house only to breathe shallowly into the receiver. What happy memories! We hope you feel this good every time “Jumpskins” reaches your ears.