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Glazed and Infused, Bowtruss come to DePaul’s Lincoln Park campus

Sorry, New Year’s resolutioners, your attempts to eat healthier this year have been thwarted by DePaul Dining’s latest partnership.

Glazed and Infused, the local gourmet doughnut shop, will now be selling doughnuts at Brownstone’s Caf’ÛΩ.

Doughnuts’ partner-in-crime, the cup of coffee, got a facelift at Brownstones as well – the caf’ÛΩ in the Student Center will now be serving locally roasted Bowtruss coffee.

“On the DePaul campus, (Brownstones is) one of four coffee options within three blocks, so we’re always looking to step up our game and get the best possible product,” Stan Hansen, marketing manager for DePaul Dining, said.

For now Brownstones is the only location on campus featuring Glazed and Infused and Bowtruss, but these products will likely expand to McGowan Caf’ÛΩ and The Loop in the future, according to Hansen.

Glazed and Infused approached DePaul to become a wholesaler of their doughnuts, and the partnership was tested with great success over the winter break.

Bowtruss was one of many options for a new coffee vendor at Brownstones, according to Hansen, but “Bowtruss fit the DePaul vibe.”

“We work closely with the DePaul Fair Trade Committee ,and we wanted to bring a higher caliber of coffee into Brownstones,” Hansen said. “We had heard through Glazed and Infused about Bowtruss.”

Though the coffee quality increased, the price hasn’t. A 12-oz. coffee is $1.95, 16-oz. is $2.20, and 20-oz. $2.45. Compared to Bowtruss’ Lakeview location Brownstones will save you – an 8-oz. of the roaster’s batch brew is $2, 12-oz. is $2.50, and 16-oz. is $2.75. A pound of the Brownstones Blend of Bowtruss beans is also available for sale now for $14.95.

For now, there are five Glazed and Infused options available: Vanilla Bean, Maple Bacon Long John, Cr’ÛÎåme Brulee, Chocolate 4 and the Demon Long John – a yeast-raised long john with a blue vanilla glaze, orange sprinkles, and DePaul written across the top. All doughnuts are $3 each.

At the Lincoln Park location of Glazed and Infused and the four other locations across Chicago, doughnuts range from $2-$3.

At the moment these are the options available, but changes are certainly possible over time.

“DePaul only started wholesaling with us but a week ago, so we are not sure if their flavors will rotate over time,” Jasmine Rahbari, assistant general manager of Glazed and Infused, said. “These are decisions best made by the people who are in that particular location every day; they know what their customers want.”

Conley Potter, a freshman majoring in accounting, took advantage of the new selection at Brownstones, purchasing a maple bacon long john.

“Yeah, of course (I’m excited). I’ve been to the one on the Near North Side,” Potter said.

“I haven’t gotten anything, but looking at that (having Glazed and Infused in Brownstones) is definitely not a bad decision,” Dave Vanveen, a sophomore majoring in biomedical engineering, said.

Currently, Glazed and Infused doughnuts are not available at other colleges throughout Chicago, but it hopes to expand in the future.

“College is an experience, and so are Glazed and Infused doughnuts,” Rahbari said.

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