Donald Pope-Davis resigns as DePaul University provost

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Donald Pope-Davis resigned as DePaul’s provost today after six months in the position, according to an email sent to faculty and staff from University President Rev. Fr. Dennis H. Holtschneider, C.M. this afternoon.

Patricia D. O’Donoghue will return immediately to the position of interim provost, which she held before Pope-Davis joined DePaul, Fr. Holtschneider said.

“While words cannot express our regret that Don’s service as provost was so short lived, I certainly respect his decision,” Fr. Holtschneider said.

Pope-Davis will teach and conduct research as a tenured professor in the psychology department in the College of Science and Health following a six-month sabbatical, according to Fr. Holtschneider.

Student Affairs could not be reached for additional comment at this time.