A new Vision for 2018

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DePaul President Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider, C.M.  introduced the Vision 2018 plan for the school at an event attended by more than 800 alumni, faculty and students Sept. 14. The plan, like its predecessors Vision 2012 and Vision 2006, outlines DePaul’s goals for the university over the next six years.

The event kicked-off with a welcome speech from School of Music Dean Don Casey. He invited the large crowd to stand during the procession of speakers, Board of Trustee members and student banner carriers. The banners the students carried each represented one of the five goals of Vision 2018. Casey introduced the DePaul Wind Ensemble and the “Vision 2018 Fanfare,” composed by associate professor Kurt Westerberg.

During his invocation, Senior Executive for University Mission Rev. Edward Udovic presented attendees with a question. “What must be done?” he asked. “What must I do? What must you do? What must we do?” President Holtschnider answered these questions in his speech.

Holtschneider read the poem “Fog-Horn” by W.S. Merwin, comparing DePaul’s future to navigating through fog at sea. “The present course cannot last unadjusted,” he said.

Holtschneider outlined Vision 2018 in his speech as a plan that incorporated DePaul’s commitment to continued progress with students and the community. “We have a worthy mission,” he said. “(Faculty, staff and students) will turn this vision into a reality. We’re going to make this great university even better.”

He went on to remark about DePaul’s commitment to helping students who cannot afford a private education. He was met with applause when he exclaimed, “The government may be cutting back on its commitment, but not this university community.”

He concluded his speech saying, “Through you, and through this new plan, may DePaul University itself always be a blessing to the world.”

Senior Montey Caston attended the event because of his love for the university and what it represents. “I think it’s a good thing for Holtschneider to appear before everyone and speak to the community,” he said. “I think he is presenting a great plan. DePaul does a great job budgeting and planning, and I don’t see why we shouldn’t be able to achieve all of our goals.”

Staff member Melonie Wallace agrees. “It was very inspiring and definitely shows the spirit of DePaul, which is always consistent,” she said. “It is a strong plan and a good continuation of the last one.”

The Vision 2018 Strategic Launch event excited many attendees. “I think it was a great event,” alumnus Sarah Albert said. “The reverend got us all very energized for this vision, and continued improvement to DePaul.” When attendees were invited to sign pages committing to Vision 2018 many rushed over, and the walkways were blocked by eager alumni, faculty and students.

Freshman Christine Zawislak was one of these eager attendees. “I signed because I believe in Vision 2018, and I wanted to demonstrate my own commitment to DePaul and the community,” Zawislak said.

The pages will be bound to serve as a reminder over the next six years of DePaul’s commitment to its goals.