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Illinois governor set to sign bill removing abortion restrictions

Illinois' move to expand abortion protections comes as a number of states including Missouri, Ohio and Alabama pass bills restricting abortion.

Mari Oliver, Contributing Writer

June 3, 2019

A controversial abortion bill which removes abortion restrictions in Illinois and criminal penalties for physicians who perform abortions passed in the state Senate on Saturday, with a 34-20 vote. The bill, which previously passed in the House on Tuesday, comes as a number of states enact some of the...

Overtime produces Illinois budget, construction, taxes

Illinois House Majority Leader Greg Harris, D-Chicago, outlines a $39.9 billion state budget plan to the Executive Committee, Saturday, June 1, 2019 in Springfield, Ill. Lawmakers missed the Friday, May 31, 2019 deadline to adjourn their spring session after a week of landmark votes including approving a constitutional amendment question asking voters whether to switch to a graduated income-tax structure that hits the wealthy harder and sending to the governor statutory language to protect abortion rights after several Republican-led states have imposed steep restrictions on the procedure.

John O'Connor, Associated Press

June 1, 2019

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — The Illinois House cranked out mountains of legislation Saturday in an overtime workday, producing a $39.9 billion budget, a $45 billion state construction program, and billions of dollars in new taxes and fees to fund it, from a doubled gasoline tax to a leviathan expansion...

Reproductive justice rally in Chicago stokes abortion debate

Maya Cruz, a supporter of communist group Revolution Club,  spiritedly addresses the crowd at the pro-choice Chicago Rally for Reproductive Justice on Thursday.

Ella Lee and Emma Oxnevad

May 28, 2019

Protesters on both sides of the abortion debate stood their ground Thursday at the Chicago Rally for Reproductive Justice. The protest began in the Daley Plaza, with speakers addressing the crowd from the Picasso sculpture. Representatives from Chicago Abortion Fund, Midwest Access Coalition, Lifted...

At abortion clinics, new laws sow confusion, uncertainty


Kim Chandler and Sudhin Thanawala, Associated Press

May 21, 2019

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (AP) — Abortion clinics are facing protesters emboldened by a flurry of restrictive new state laws as they reassure confused patients that the laws have yet to take effect, abortion providers said. "We have actually had many people calling and say, 'Are you open? Are you still seeing...

DePaul pro-lifers speak out at March for Life rally

Carolyn McCabe | The DePaulia

Jonathan Ballew, Assistant News Editor

January 16, 2018

The pro-life minority felt like the majority on Sunday. On a cold afternoon, thousands gathered at The Federal Plaza to give a voice to those, that they say, can’t speak for themselves. Though many see the annual March For Life rally as an anti-abortion rally, those in attendance consider it a celeb...

Irish law banning most abortions could change in 2018

Demonstrators participate at The March for Choice event in Dublin, Ireland, calling for a change to Ireland's strict abortion laws Saturday Sept. 30, 2017. 
(Tom Honan/AP)

Carina Smith

October 9, 2017

At a time of intense political polarization, the argument over whether abortions should be legal or not is at the forefront of many politicians' campaigns. The debate over reproductive rights has become an international issue, including in Ireland where the government announced in late September they plan to...

Nation of divisions: Pro-life viewpoints on the death penalty, abortion

Protestors stand outside the trial of surviving Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Many in the Christian community have driven anti-death penalty activism, despite common labeling as conservatives. (AP Photo/Justin Saglio)

Brendan Pedersen

May 10, 2015

As a nation of relative diversity, we enjoy putting others and ourselves into neat little boxes. When it comes to political expectation, the establishment-minded and god-fearing conservative enjoys the cozy affluence of the Republican Party whose members reject all but the most critical of government functions. Across the aisle, the radical and free...

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