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Flooding hits parts of Midwest

The Chicago River overflowed its banks and flooded the Riverwalk after overnight showers and thunderstorms across the city Monday, May 18, 2020 in Chicago.

Associated Press

May 19, 2020

EDENVILLE, Mich. (AP) — People living along two mid-Michigan lakes and parts of a river were evacuated Tuesday following several days of heavy rain that produced flooding and put pressure on dams in the area. Two Midland-area schools were opened for evacuees and more than 50 roads have been closed....

La Villita alega racismo ambiental después de la demolición de una planta de carbón

En esta foto del 11 de abril de 2020, un fotógrafo con una bicicleta camina a través de la nube de polvo que desciende a través del vecindario de La Villita, después de que la pila de humo de la Estación Generadora Crawford fue implosionada en Chicago.Cincuenta años después de que el primer Día de la Tierra ayudara a estimular el activismo sobre la contaminación del aire y el agua y la desaparición de plantas y animales, las mejoras significativas son innegables, pero persisten desafíos monumentales. Las comunidades minoritarias sufren desproporcionadamente la contaminación continua. La deforestación, la pérdida de hábitat y la sobrepesca han causado estragos en la biodiversidad mundial. Y la amenaza existencial del cambio climático se avecina en grande.

Maria Guerrero, La DePaulia Managing Editor

May 1, 2020

Los residentes de La Villita dicen que están experimentando racismo ambiental luego de una demolición de una planta de carbón local.  Edith Tovar, un residente permanente y organizador de la comunidad en la Organización de Justicia Ambiental de La Villita , dijo que la raza está jugando un papel importante en la injusticia que enfrenta...

Little Village alleges environmental racism after coal plant demolition

In this April 11, 2020 photo, a photographer with a bicycle walks though the dust cloud descending though the Little Village neighborhood, after the Crawford Generating Station smoke stack was imploded in Chicago. Fifty years after the first Earth Day helped spur activism over air and water pollution and disappearing plants and animals, significant improvements are undeniable but monumental challenges remain. Minority communities suffer disproportionately from ongoing contamination. Deforestation, habitat loss and overfishing have wreaked havoc on global biodiversity. And the existential threat of climate change looms large.

Maria Guerrero, La DePaulia Managing Editor

May 1, 2020

Little Village residents are reportedly experiencing environmental racism following the demolition of a local coal plant.  Edith Tovar, a lifelong Little Village resident and community organizer at the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization, said race is playing a significant role in the injustice communities of color are...

McKinley Park residents fighting for clean air try to block controversial asphalt plant on Chicago’s Southwest Side

Outside the MAT Asphalt Factory on Pershing Road on the Southwest Side. The factory, which releases fumes when in operation, is adjacent to McKinley Park and near a K-12 charter school.

Lauren Paris, Hector Cervantes, Francesca Mathewes, and Patsy Newitt

March 1, 2020

Robert Beedle moved to McKinley Park in 2015, looking to settle down with his wife in a family-friendly, tight-knit community on Chicago’s Southwest Side.  The neighborhood seemed like a perfect fit until an aroma he described as mimicking gasoline mixed with burnt pavement started filling the ai...

Changing climate, changing Chicago

Changing climate, changing Chicago

Ella Lee, Focus Editor

April 22, 2019

Climate change is not widely discussed in Chicago. Given our central location in America and access to fresh water, the threats we face are not as apparent as the ones that face coastal cities like Boston or Los Angeles. Our incoming city government will set the precedent for how Chicago takes on clim...

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