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CPD fuera de CPS: ¿Qué significa el movimiento de desfinanciar a la policía?

Miles de manifestantes marchan para exigir el desfinanciamiento de la policía de Chicago y que los policías salgan de las escuelas publicas.

Stephania Rodriguez, Staff Writer

October 12, 2020

Este verano, tras la muerte de George Floyd en Minneapolis, hemos visto a miles de personas en Chicago marchar en reacción  a los asesinatos de la comunidad afroamericana a manos de la policía y en apoyo del movimiento Black Lives Matter.  Los estudiantes de las escuelas públicas de Chicago (CPS) se un...

Clases en linea ‘difícil,’ dicen estudiantes y padres de CPS

En esta foto de archivo del 26 de agosto de 2020, un estudiante del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Los Ángeles toma una clase en línea en el Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood.

Johanna Stephens and Maria Guerrero

October 8, 2020

Las escuelas públicas de Chicago han regresado a clases en línea a medida que los maestros y los estudiantes se adaptan. Tanto los padres como los estudiantes han reportado el regreso a la escuela como "difícil", pero sienten que es la ruta más segura en términos de salud. Diego Santoyo Rami...

Chicago Teachers Union strike may be over, but continues to affect student athletes

Members of the Chicago Teachers Union walk the streets of Chicago to strike for support staff members, smaller class sizes and paid prep time on Thursday, Oct. 17.

Joey Cahue, Contributing Writer

November 12, 2019

Endless hours of after-school practices, long commutes to away games and late nights buried in books after their games – all this demanding work and preparation could go to waste for Chicago Public Schools (CPS) high school athletes hoping to get noticed by college coaches and scouts, due to the Chicago ...

Chicago Public Schools losing $4 million federal grant money

Samuel Rahman, Contributing Writer

October 15, 2018

The federal Department of Education has decided to withhold $4 million in grant money from Chicago Public Schools, citing the district’s failure to protect students from sexual assault. The letter notifying CPS was delivered Thursday and detailed the suspension of the $4 million that is a portion of...

CPS students get shot to see ‘Hamilton

Jessica Villagomez

March 21, 2017

Elizabeth Rojas, 16, has never liked history class. It wasn’t until learning about the award-winning play, “Hamilton” at the end of her sophomore year that she began to show interest in America’s past. “History was one of the classes I despised the most because I wasn’t really good a...

CPS and CTU call cease-fire

CPS and CTU call cease-fire

Yazmin Dominguez

October 16, 2016

Peace, justice and conflict studies major and president of the nonpartisan political group Impact Alex Boutros stands in solidarity with the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU). For the past five weeks, Boutros regularly attended the Chicago Teachers Solidarity Committee meetings. As head of the student...

CPS budget cuts disproportionately effect low-income students

Lincoln Park High School, located just blocks away from DePaul’s campus, is one of the better performing schools in CPS.  (Photo courtesy of Kseferovic | Wikimedia Commons)

Rachel Hinton

October 10, 2016

When Julian Gomez walked across the stage at Allstate Arena this June, diploma in hand, tassle now on the left side of his cap, he couldn’t have predicted that two weeks into his new job there would be talk of a strike. Fresh out of his graduation robes, Gomez went back to his old elementary school,...

CPS teachers push through budget cuts

Yazmin Dominguez

July 25, 2016

Back in 2011, when Gov. Bruce Rauner was a private equity executive who was participating with the Chicago Public Education Fund, he labeled half of CPS teachers as “virtually illiterate” in an email sent out to education reform activists. According to The Associated Press, he continued on by...

CPS’ future uncertain as tough decisions loom

Lincoln Park High School, located just blocks away from DePaul’s campus, is one of the better performing schools in CPS.  (Photo courtesy of Kseferovic | Wikimedia Commons)

Jackson Danbeck

May 17, 2015

After a historic mayoral election when Chicago Public Schools (CPS) was the center of debates across Chicago, the school district has sparked controversy on a host of issues, which many Chicagoans find threatening to the education of students and the livelihood of their teachers.  Read More »...

Teachers union vs. school board: Chicago’s contract debate

Karen Lewis (right) leads the charge at the Chicago Teachers Union strike in 2012. It was the first strike in 25 years and current contract negotiations may cause conflict again. (E. Jason Wambsgans/Chicago Tribune/MCT)

Brenden Moore

May 10, 2015

Opening shots were fired between the cash-strapped Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) last week after the school board declined to extend its contract with the teachers, instead giving them an “insulting” initial offer of a seven percent decrease in take-home pay. R...

A call for civic change: Chicago’s referendum for elected school board

Some analysts believe an elected school board would reduce the infuence that Mayor Rahm Emanuel (center) has over bureaucrats such as former Chicago Public Schools CEO Jean-Claude Brizard (left), or Chicago Board of Education president David Vitale. (E. Jason Wambsgans/Chicago Tribune/MCT)

Kevin Gross

March 1, 2015

Although Chicago will not know who its future mayor will be until April’s runoff election, voters were unambiguous in their approval for multiple referendum issues. Read More »...

Appointed vs. elected school boards, a Chicago debate

Mayor Rahm Emanuel (L) has battled mayoral candidates (L-R) Willie Wilson, Bob Fioretti, and Chuy Garcia on Chicago’s policy of a mayor-appointed school board. (Nam Y. Huh | AP)

Eric Traphagen

February 22, 2015

Elected school boards for Chicago Public Schools (CPS) remains a highly contested issue going into Tuesday’s mayoral election. Many Chicagoans are unhappy with the condition of the city’s public schools and all four of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s opponents support a change to the 20-year-old referendum giving the mayor power to appoint school board member...

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